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Copy of School Improvement Plan with Tasks

No description

Maureen Fanelli

on 8 July 2015

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Transcript of Copy of School Improvement Plan with Tasks

Improvement Plan for School
Accredited with Warning April 23, 2013 AGENDA
Virginia Department of Education Requirements
School Improvement Process
Overview of Bettie F. Williams' Plan
Recommendation/Request for Approval School Improvement Requirements of
Schools Accredited with Warning Indistar - A Web-based Planning Tool Division Leadership Team Support
Assigned to School Review On-site Academic Essential Actions 3-Year Implementation and Monitoring of Plan Other Indicators Team Structure Performance and Classroom Data Instructional Practices and Professional Development The school uses an identification process for all students at risk of failing or in need of targeted interventions. Update data quarterly. Gather data within two weeks of new student arrival. Train staff on the purpose of the data as well as the procedures for identifying Tier II and III students. Create a database and data wall with grade-level data and identified benchmarks. The school will use a tiered, differentiated intervention process to assign research-based intervention aligned with the individual needs of identified students. Train the staff on the VBCPS Responsiveness to Student Needs Model. Use individual student data to develop and update responsive plans. Create Math and Reading Responsive Plan templates. Train the staff on Scholastic Math Inventory and Quantiles.com. The school uses a monitoring process for targeted intervention students to ensure fidelity and effectiveness. Collaborate once a month to discuss responsive plans and decide next steps. Administration will meet with teaching teams and review outcome data. Administer assessments to students with responsive plans to measure effectiveness of the interventions. Use individual student data to develop and update a responsive plan. VA10 – Create effective classroom discussions, questions, and learning tasks that elicit evidence of learning. These include strategies for gathering information data. Identify student misconceptions related to objectives for upcoming lessons. Share teaching strategies. Document student learning and behaviors using anecdotal notes. Review the results of various assessments to make instructional decisions. The school’s Leadership Team looks at performance data and aggregated classroom observation data, and uses that data to make decisions about school improvement and professional development. Leadership Team meetings will occur to discuss data from classroom observations and assessments. Next steps will be shared with the staff. The Leadership Team will develop research-based professional learning. The Leadership Team will participate in classroom observations focused on effective teaching and student engagement. Administration will develop a Leadership Team and create a regular schedule for meetings. A team structure is officially incorporated into the school governance policy. The school vision has been shared with students, community, and staff through various avenues. Develop committees overseen by the administration. The Leadership Team developed a school vision to be shared. Administration led school community through a discussion to identify the vision for the school. Division's School Improvement Team
Recommendation VDOE
follow-up report Indicators
Tasks Implementation for 3-year
period Bettie F. Williams
Bayside Middle School Accredited with Warning Accredited with Warning School
Plan Indicators
and Tasks

Courtney Graves, State School Improvement Liaison

Shirann Lewis, Director of Elementary Education

Kelli Cedo, Title I Coordinator and Division Contact for School Improvement

Cristina Alsop, Title I Instructional Specialist and School Contact for School Improvement

Lee Davidson, Instructional Specialist (mathematics)

Karen Lewis, Instructional Specialist (special education) Academic Review Team Division School Improvement Team Donald Robertson, Assistant Superintendent ELA
Joe Burnsworth, Assistant Superintendent Curriculum and Instruction
Jeanne Crocker, Lead Director Elementary Education
Shirann Lewis, Director Elementary Education
Maynard Massey, Assistant Superintendent Middle School Education
Jobynia Caldwell, Assistant Superintendent High School Education
Daisy Wood, Director Programs for Exceptional Children
Jennifer Born, Director Compensatory Programs and Remediation
Kelli Cedo, Title I Coordinator
Cristina Alsop, Title I Instructional Specialist
Tracy Lagatta, Director Office of Student Assessment
Martin Barritt, Testing Specialist Office of Student Assessment Three
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