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13 colines

Souel studes

Abigail Rhoads

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of 13 colines

By ;Abigail Rhoads South Carolina -South Carolina was founded in 1663.
-The group that founded South Carolina was the group of eight aristocrats.
-This was a charter colony.
-the colony was named for King Charles of England. -The motivation was to plant new crops and to have freedom from the king.there realigns group was the redeemers.
-southern colony. the cites where Charlestown, and Barbados in 1670. The Geography
South Carolina is bordered by North Carolina and lockeded near the Atlantic ocean. The industries of South Carolina is grain, cattle, lumber, indigo, and rice they mad munney for England. The key people where the group of eight aristocrats and King Charles.
-They are important because the founded the Carolinian's. the other fax are
-The Northern Carolina costs the southern and lack a good harbor so farmers used virgin's ports to connect to their trade.
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