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Rory Potter

please do not copy without my permission, thank you

Rory Potter

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Rory Potter

Point of View I know we have already discussed the different types of point of view

However, you know what they say!

Practice Makes Perfect! Third Person Omniscient Third Person Omniscient is when the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all, or most, of the characters in the story
Let's practice with some video clips! First Person Third Person Limited Third person limited point of view is when the narrator knows only the thoughts and feelings of a single character First-person definition is when a story is narrated by only one character at a time, who refers to him- or herself using words and phrases involving "I and/or "we." Remember there are three types of point of view Third Person Omniscient
We heard the thoughts and feelings of many people First Person
The narrator was the main character Third Person Limited
We heard the thoughts of ONE character
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