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Covergirl Commercial

The Works of Advertisements

lisa Jammie

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Covergirl Commercial


By : Leeza J.
Class : 7FI
In the Covergirl commercial they used the " Testimonials " strategy. Which is where they use famous people to get ordinary people's attention. For example they used , Ellen Degenners and Sofia Vergara who are famous people who look good , to try to sell the covergirl product. So when people see the commercial they will think, " I want to look as pretty or as young as these famous people, and since these famous people use this product and they look so young I should probably use it to ". That's the message ordinary people get when celebrities do commercials, they automatically think they use the product.
People who are old are the targets and some young people
Ages 26-52 may want to use this product
This is tailored to them by saying , this product will make you look young
Since those people look old , the commercial makes them think by using this product they will look younger
Or makes them look forever young is also another reason why people would want to use it
There are no stereotypes
Stereotypes -
The Covergirl commercial is a big lie. Why ?
The Big Lie
Hydrating Serum It's an oil free formula that restores hydration and produces a dewy look. In the Tone Rehab product it has oil in it. So they are lying to us.
Some people who have bought the product said it's too greasy
Covers spots , lines and wrinkles... is this true ? No , when finished applying the makeup you can still see those list of things on your face .. it's not a mask.
This commercial has used the "Hyperbole" strategy, to attract buyers attention. By using this strategy people well really think, that the exaggeration of how the product works is true. But it's not. (ex. The tone rehab foundation will completely remove your wrinkles with just one pump.) That is a complete example of exaggeration that they used in the Covergirl commercial.
Head and Shoulders Commercial
Facts and Figures
"Facts and Figures" is a different strategy that
is being used in the "Head and Shoulders" commercial. Facts and figures is when factual information is used to prove the superiority of a product. Which in this case it says in this commercial that Head and Shoulders gives you " Thicker looking hair in one week guaranteed, 100% flake free".
In this commercial they have professional football player Troy Polamalu to sell the product Head and Shoulders. By doing this fans of Tony Polamalu know that he has long and thick hair because probably he use's Head and Shoulders as his main shampoo he use's to wash his hair. So obviously people who want thick hair will buy this product.
Plain Folks
The Marineland commercial use's plain folks like us to get people to go to marineland, which is a amusement park. By using plain folks people will say theses people are just like me so I can afford to go to marineland and have fun too. In this commercial it shows ordinary family's at marineland having a great time as a family. So by watching this commercial people will also think that going to marineland could be a wonderful place to bring their family.
This commercial is also using the bandwagon strategy to get people to come to marineland. By saying "Everyone loves Marineland" it's like threw the commercial they are saying everyone enjoys going to marineland so come join the fun everyone is having by going to Marineland, so you should come too.
This commercial the word marineland is said over and over in the theme song. The song is very catchy so the song will get stuck in your head. You will start to think about going to marineland one day.
by: Leeza J.
Class: 7FI
This comercial shows symbols like the NFL logo which shows that represents the partnership that head and shoulders has with Tony Polamalu. They also show the Head and shoulders symbol so you can remember how the it looks so anytime you see a circle with a white and blue line it's head and shoulders.
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