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No description

M Herrera

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Timeline

5th Grade Timeline
Trip to Newark Museum
Pi Day

Good Morning RTA!
Today is Thursday, June 19 2014
Franchesca Perez

Favorite Memory of 5th Grade: Our trip to the Newark Museum.

- Portraits and Paintings
- School House
- Writing with quill pen and ink
Laura Shipman

Favorite Memory of the 5th Grade: Trip to Newark Museum

-Ballentine House
-Generation Fit
-Dynamic Earth

Black History Month
Morning Announcements
Derek Gonzalez

Favorite Moment of 5th Grade: Morning Announcements

-Childhood in poverty
-College educated
-Talented in several sports
Zomary Santos

-Dancing like Ellen
-Learned interesting facts about Oprah
-Oprah's childhood
-Oprah gave away free cars
-She built Leadership Academy for Girls in South Africa
William Figueroa

Sianna Rosario

Pi Day- Celebrated on March 14

Gabriela Celi
My favorite memory of the fifth grade: Attending Ms. Olsen's wedding!!!
Man with "belly" = Rich Man

Boy with a dog = Playful boy
Fifth grade making observations about paintings
School House from the 1800s
Ballantine House
Generation Fit
Dynamic Earth Exhibit
Hurricane Wind Simulator
Special Announcements
Today's Birthdays
Have a spectacular day of learning!
Symbol for Pi
Many Kinds of Pie
Pumpkin Pie!!! <3
The Countdown
Devin Narvaez

Favorite Moment of Fifth Grade: Math League Winner

- Second place winner
-Appealed to my competitive nature
-Inspired me to earn straight As.
<-- That's ME in the middle!
Ny-Asia Peppers
Khalil Stallings
Sara Rodriguez
Alberto Cyriaano
Julian Pena
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