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Animal Farm: Chapter 6

No description

alisa karakozian

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Animal Farm: Chapter 6

Animal Farm: Chapter 6
Important Characters In This Chapter
Summary of the Chapter
Historical Context
Napoleon worked the animals "working class" like slaves while the pigs "higher class" did no work and got all the benefits
Napoleon makes it seem like their work on Sunday is volunteer work but if the animals don't work they will have their rations reduced this shows about how Stalin had a five year plan that brought Russian industry under control
the animals think they are free and equal but really they are under the pigs control
Napoleon was open to trade with neighboring farms represents how Stalin was a hypocrite
Strong, loyal, and hard-working
Selfish, likes being in control, craves power
Manipulative, Napoleons sidekick
Summary of the Chapter
Animals start working on the windmill
Napoleon made a new policy that from now on Animal Farm would be trading with neighboring farms
The pigs moved into the farm house and started sleeping in beds
Squealer would always convince the animals that whatever Napoleon was doing would benefit the animals
Pigs altered the seven commandments
There was a storm and it destroyed the windmill
Napoleon said that the windmill was broken by Snowball because Snowball would do anything to destroy animal farm
Napoleon proposed a death sentence on Snowball and offered the murderer a bushel of apples.
Napoleon gives a persuasive speech on how the animals should fix the windmill and at the end he crys, '' Long live the windmill!'' '' Long live animal farm!''
Historical Context Cont.
Like Stalin Napoleon did not care about the good of the animals he only cared about himself
When the pigs start sleeping in beds and break the rules of the seven commandments squealer changes what the original seven commandments said so that it benefits with the pigs and keeps the other animals in control
this is a joke Orwell did suggesting an soviet agent during the propaganda changing posters and slogans
When Napoleon had Snowball killed it was like when Stalin hired a Soviet agent to assassinate Trotsky in 1940
Snowball represented the foreign enemies Stalin scared all the people with
Discussion Questions
What are Napoleons further actions about the future of the farm?

Do you think the animals will start to realize what Napoleons and the pigs true motives are as time goes by?
Table of content
We will talk about:
The important character in the chapter.
The summary of the chapter.
The historical content.
Also their will be two discussion questions at the end.
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