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The Reuse District

A reuse cluster as a real estate development project in Cleveland's Detroit Shoreway.

Richey Piiparinen

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of The Reuse District

The Reuse District
By Richey Piiparinen The Reuse District is a concept created by two converging factors... The burgeoning green consumer And the supply of salvageable materials
in a shrinking city... And it is a concept driven by VALUE,
or more specifically: value that is LOST... Because while reuse companies are squeezing
value from waste, there is still value to be had in
how they do business... ...which brings us to the value
of the CLUSTER And this is how it works. A vacant warehouse was chosen
on 1200 W. 76th. Why here? So there's value in access and retail gravitational pull... And there's also the value of proximity. Why?
incubator-related effects,
and because the product one reuse business becomes the supply for another. So, there's the tenant attraction via the value of
the cluster. But what about the value of
the delineated market... Not to mention the growing
desire for Rust Belt design on each
of the coasts. "My boss was really intrigued by your work," he said.

"Who's your boss?" Busta asked.

"Ralph Lauren," the man replied.

But will it work? 12% of consumers are True Greens
and 68% are Light Greens (Mintel, 08) Kevin Busta Imagine, then... The suburban diaspora
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