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FOUR: A DIVERGENT collection

I tried very hard to make this perfect and yes the 5 symbols were in the prezi thing and so check it out in the black and white section. If not, keep looking cause I don't know. :) So I hope you guys view this. Thank you!

Hina Yu

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of FOUR: A DIVERGENT collection

About the author: Veronica Roth
Veronica Roth was born on April 19th 1988.
Veronica Roth was born in New York City.
She started to write Divergent when she was in college.
She married Nelson Fitch in 2011.
Special thing about
Instead of being told from Tris's perspective, it is
told from her instructor, boyfriend and equal
-Four (Tobias) The book contains the following

stories. . .
By: Hina Yu 6A #2

Settings in the book
The Hub
Training Room

Dauntless Control Room
About the book
Genre: Science fiction, dystopian fiction and adventure
This book is suitable for readers from 8~12 grade
Lexile Number: 850L
Abnegation Sector
The phrase that is typed using light blue is NOT my own phrase. All rights go to Veronica Roth.
Protagonists includes:
Four: The narrator throughout the book.
Beatrice Prior: Special than the others. Transfers to Dauntless.
Why the author chose this setting.
In Veronica Roth's blog, it said that she just chose a setting she was familiar with. Because she was living near Chicago in that period of time, Chicago was chosen to be her story's setting.
Symbolism and literary devices
1. The Faction Bowls
When Tobias was sixteen, he chose Dauntless so that he could hurt him instead of his father hurting him. The act of his defiance
symbolizes the freedom he got from these bowls.
The pictures are from the movie DIVERGENT.
2. Simile
"She's hanging from the railing, dangling over the chasm like a piece of bait from a fishing hook."

P. 225 paragraph 5

Theme in the book
Courage and Fear
In the book, it is about fear and overcoming the fears.
In the two stories, ( The Transfer and The Initiate) Four finds
fears that he must overcome so that he can become a member of Dauntless.
In 'The Son,' Four has to
accept the fact that someone in his past is still alive.

In 'The Traitor,' Four is trying to open himself more. And become less Stiff.
Tobias is afraid of his father's wrath.
Four has to pass initiation.
Four finds out that a group of people are planning on attacking another group of people.
overcomes his fear of his father.
Well, a little.
learns the habits of the Dauntless and the slangs they use.
For example: Erudite is often called,' Nose' because of the word 'Knowledge.' 'Know' Get it?
accepts the truth that she is alive and thinks about the offer she gave.
(Who? well, go read!)
decides to trust the Abnegations and save Tris despite his family member's words.
I would give this book 4.5 stars, not because the narrator is a boy, but because I felt like Veronica Roth could have added a few more extra scenes from DIVERGENT.
Feelings for the book 'FOUR'
made me become more cautious around everyone because you never know when something terrible will happened to your world.
This book also taught me
Everyone has to stand up for yourself.
Everyone has a right to talk back.
(Except when you are in school, of course.)
Being suspicious of someone is okay.
(As long as you don't go too far.)
Love comes when you are least expecting it.
Characters video
I made the video's sentences short because the experience from last time proved that I added too many information in it.
Link of video: http://www.wideo.co/view/3511971430059757237-four-a-divergent-collection-characters
I would recommend this book to the fans of the Divergent trilogy, but because not everyone likes Divergent, I would
recommend this for those that are willing to try and finish it.

But if I was asked to pick a specific group, I would recommend it to
those that like mystery with a little hint of romance and danger.
Why I chose this book
I decided to choose a book written by Veronica Roth because she is my favorite author.
It is within my lexile number.
I felt like I
to do a book report about

It contained phrases that became a goal I felt like accomplishing so that I can become a better person.
Those quotes helped me think deeper and wonder about more things in the world.
The main Setting in the book
Chicago is the main setting in the book. The hub, the training room , the control room and the Abnegation Sector are all in Chicago.
A truth is revealed to Four that something he thought was true was actually the opposite.
Antagonists includes:
Eric: Born Erudite. Helper of Jeanine Matthews
Max: A Dauntless leader that helps Jeanine with a dangerous plan.
Marcus Eaton: Tobias's father. Half monster and half disciplinarian. Wants hims to choose Abnegation. Four refuses.
{The Kidnapping} Brilliant caption! :D
Tris. About to dangle like this worm!
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