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miner nacerima purpose main idea

John Stewart

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of 0415

Thinkling What is an
anthropologist? Where is nacirema? Who is the magic mouth man? What is the household shrine? When do you put hog hairs in your mouth? What is the latipsoh? When do men "lacerate the surface
of the face with a sharp instrument"? When do women "bake their heads in small ovens"? Your turn: Imagine alien scientists watching us today.
What would they notice about us?
What behavior of ours would seem odd to them?
How would they describe it. In 30-50 words, write the description
of this "odd" behavior? PAssword Say
"The Nacirema
spend hours
on the
"Goodbye!" I can't pretend to understand the movement of the wind
Or the waves on the ocean,
Or how, like the hours,
I change softly, slowly, plainly, blindly.
Oh, me. Oh, my.
-- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah But let me tell you
I never planned
To let go of
The hand that has been clinging
By its thick country skin
To my yellow country teeth Far - Far away from West Virginia
I - Will try on New York City
Explaining that
the sky holds the wind
The sun rushes in
And a child with a shotgun
Can shoot down honeybees that sting

But this boy could use a little sting. What was the author's purpose? What was the main idea?
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