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WebEntrepreneur.WS - 1. Episode

Find out more about our Online Marketing Concept and Ways to Increase your Sales..

Hamed Farhadian

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of WebEntrepreneur.WS - 1. Episode

Introduction to Online Marketing
1 ) Feel free to share it with your friends & colleagues.
- Strategic Online Marketing
Thanks for Watching
Track your traffic with Google Analytics
What we will cover..
Your "Call To Action" ;)
How we can help?
- ChimbaWeb Concept for Sales Optimiziation
How can you increase your SALES?
Average Order Value
Customer Life Time Value
How many people get an impression of my business?
Different Channels - Same Concept:
- Paying Rent for Eye Impression
- Valueable Hints for your Business
- Recommended Tools & Apps
Founder of ChimbaWeb
What % of Impressions am I able to...
What's my "Call To Action"?
- Window-Shoppers entering your Store
Example : Conversion Rate of Website
Most Common Respond:
Impression on the Website:
1.000 Unique Visitors per Month (tracked with Google Analytics)
Out of all Impressions, we "usually" generate 20 Orders / Leads / Calls / Requests / YOU NAME IT...
Getting it to 4 % means DOUBLING your SALES!
How can you increase the size of the transaction with your business?
Better Question: How can you convey more VALUE?
- Recommending related products at POS
- Selling Additional Service Packages, like Apple
- Adding Interesting Products to your Portfolio
How OFTEN can i repeat a transaction with my existing customers?
Creating an "Awesome" Experience --> Keeping Customers Happy
2 ) Grab your iPhone, search for "WebEntrepreneur" on iTunes and Subscribe to our Podcast!
3 ) Visit www.WebEntrepreneur.WS for more!
"80 % of my clients spent their efforts on increasing Reach, instead of optimizing for better CONVERSION."
- Free Listings like Yellow Pages, Yelp etc.
- Website's ranking on Google
- Pay Per Click Advertisment like Google Adwords
- Media Ads like TV, Radio etc.
- PR
Dramatic Impact through Conversion Optimization
- Improving Usability and Effectiveness of Content
Ask your Customers how they found you
Think about additional products to sell
How to make people more happy?
- Content Production
- Complete Site Development
- Individual Project Development
- Entrepreneurial Spirit
Copyright by Hamed Farhadian, ChimbaWeb.com
- Advanced Sales Funnel from Lead to Sale
- Understanding of Visitor Behaviour with A/B Testing
- Website Visitors calling you gy Phone
- Leads responding to your Email
- Number of Appointments per Week
- New Facebook Fans per Month
- Unfinished Checkouts in your Online Shop
Getting a SALE
Think about these
--> How much is each Conversion worth?
- Sending an automated Follow-Up Email every 2 Weeks for repeated business ( --> Autoresponders )
- Adding Gifts to their Orders
- Binding them to your Business ( Like Amazon or Apple )
Our Conversion Rate= 1000 UV / 20 Conversions= 2 %
( Strategy & Product Development )
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