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Design A School Project

No description

Juliette Torres

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of Design A School Project

By Juliette Torres Never Land High Classes There are a lot of classes to choose from, but some classes are you need to take like science, math, Language arts and history. The free choice classes are art, drama, French, Spanglish, cooking, singing and sports classes Types of Classes There will be a lot of different sport teams to play on. There is soccer, baseball, basketball, track and field, football, tennis and swim teams. There will be a girls team and a boys team for each sport, except cheer leading is for everyone. There will be a field for all the sports. Sports No fighting
No ditching school
Be on time to class
Never give up
Make sure you have your stuff ready everyday
Pay attention in class
No graffiti on school property
You can wear anything Rules Mission Statement Our mission is to have students learn something new everyday,so they can go further in their adventure. Each class will be an hour long and they will learn something new and the lessons aren't going to be boring. Plus they have bean bags to sit down and low desks to write on. There would be four classes and a free choice class At lunch, they will have a choice of different kind of food. Everyday will be different and it will be a surprise. They will have one hour of lunch to eat, hang out with friends and do many other things, too. They can sit anywhere, but not out of the campus. There are one break for 15 minutes. Lunch/Breaks All the teacher have to be nice to the students and not pressure or yell at them. Each teacher has to have a good talent that they know very well. Plus, student have to be nice to them back. Staff/Students School Layout
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