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My Familyyy.(:

No description

Morgan DelaCruz

on 19 September 2012

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Transcript of My Familyyy.(:

DelaCruz/Kelly Family
Morgan DelaCruz . My Family Structure. My family structure is blended.
I have two half brothers, one from
my mom(Alex) and one from my dad(Grant), and two half sisters, one from my mom(Sydnie) and one from my dad(Katie).(: How we Function. Strengths:
-The older kids can help pick up
others from practices or anything else.
-I'm less likely to be home alone since

-Buying school clothes/supplies, ect.
-Driving back and fourth to take Sydnie and
Alex to their dads.
-On christmas we gotta buy lots of gifts.
there is five of us kids. Long Term Goal. \ Short Term Goal Stop fighting with my annoying brothers
so much. Start doing a little more chores than
I do. Because I hardly ever do mine. :p Roles in my family. Kim DelaCruz-She is the care
Chris DelaCruz-He is the provider.(:
Katie DelaCruz-She is the outgoing one.(:
Sydnie Kelly-She is the peacemaker.(:
Alex Kelly-He is the nice brother.(:
Grant DelaCruz-He is the messy one.(:
Morgan DelaCruz-I am the clean freak.(: Family's life Cycle. My oldest sister is in the launching stage
because she is in college.
Us other four kids are in the child-rearing
stage because we are still in school.(:
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