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The Five Senses

Exploring the five senses

Jihee Ryu

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of The Five Senses

What are the Five Senses? EYES NOSE MOUTH HAND Taste sweet
spicy Sweet salty Sour Spicy(Bitter) taste touch look at, see smell EARS listen, sound touch hard
cold Last time we learned about look Review Quiz 1. Skunks ( ) bad. 2. This coffee smells ( ). 3. This feather ( ) light. 4. This shoe looks ( ). 5. It sounds ( ) hard soft sharp wet dry hot cold The Five Senses Let's practice 1. Candy Candy tastes sweet. 2. Lemons Lemons taste sour. 3. Peppers Peppers taste spicy. 4. Salt Salt tastes salty. How does it taste? How does it feel? 1. Rocks Rock feels hard. 2. The pins The pins feel sharp. 3. This sweater This sweater feels soft. 4. The fire The fire feels hot. 5 Ice Ice feels cold. Today, we are able to ...
1. name their two senses(taste, touch).
2. understand the verbs used to discribe the five senses.
3. use the adjectives to describe the different senses.
4. use the adjectives in a sentence. We learned .. sweet
spicy It tastes It feels hard
cold smell sound It tastes It feels The pins Rocks This sweater The fire Ice Candy Peppers Salt Lemons Study
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