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Elementary Fashion.

A brief history of ridiculous fashion trends for tweens in the early 90's.

Phillip Retuta

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Elementary Fashion.

Elementary Fashion:
A History of Outrageous
Fashion Trends in the Early
90's. Thesis:
A social survey of early 90’s fashion of elementary school kids, why they decided to wear the ridiculous things they wore, and a followup over a decade later on who they are today. Backwards Pants Made infamous by
the kid, hip-hop group,
Kris Kross Slap Bracelets Hypercolor T-Shirts ACT II ACT I ACT III Items:
Backwards Pants
Slap Bracelets
Hypercolor Shirts Psychological study on how kids are affected by their peers and role models: kids, at a particularly young age, desire to fit in a certain
niche and are also heavily influenced by the media. History of the items in question. How we, over a decade
later, are effected by
these 90's trends and
how we dress today. Keywords/Ideas:
Peer Pressure
Absurdity of Fashion
Naivete Thank You! Fashion...
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