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Hotel Indigo

Marketing and Communications strategy

Michael Schloth

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Hotel Indigo

Marketing & Strategies
36% Contribution Priority Club!!
Newton, Massachusetts
Customer Analysis
Marketing & Communicate Plan
Our Brand
Target Guest
An eye for design and appreciation for art and modern living
Broadly traveled
Wanting to experience something different
Does not like or need over the top service
50% male, 50% Female
35 to 54 years of age
Married and may have children
Educated to Bachelors & Graduate Degree levels
With HHI of $70,000+, but not higher than $200,000

Stay at the Hotel Indigo both for business and leisure
Trade up from beige box brands
In search of something a little different
Trade down and across from independent upscale
Boutiques for the benefits of a brand
Trade across from full service upscale hotels for
Luxury and a personalized experience
The vibrant and fresh design
Great service provided
The neighborhood feel
Affordable yet luxurious
Hotel is close to train station and convenient for traveling into Boston.
Extremely clean and fresh
Close to many universities
Guest Insight
IGH and Hotel Indigo prides itself on being a boutique hotel and representing the future of the community. Newton is a smaller city in suburbia allowing visitors to feel at home while still being close to Boston.
Our Goal
On October of 2014 we are planning a grand opening of Hotel Indigo in Newton MA . The estimated ADR for this geographic market is $175/night. The Rev PAR goal is $155 at 80% rooms filled. Our objective is to develop a marketing plan for the initial launch and the first twelve months of operation.
$155 * 365 days * 300 rooms = 16,972,500
80% * 16,972,500 = 13,578,000
Hotel Indigo VS. Competitors
Suburban location
Distance to the city
Business and luxury
Moderate to high rates
"Cookie Cutter" Design
Small Demographic
Moderate rates

Personalized experience

Boutique style rooms

Contemporary design

Large demographic
Loyalty Program!

New Customers!
Give a gift tote for new customers showing our appreciation

Would contain map of Boston, Charlie Card and a coupon book for local attractions/ restaurants

Launch Party Boston Waterfront featuring live music and catered and wine tasting to celebrate opening
Going Digital!

Also provides Hotel Indigo with customer recognition and identity from past stays

Create a link to a "journal" with past customer stays where customers can talk to one another about suggestions and past experiences
Gives the consumer an excuse to come back and stay with us
Earn certain number of points and get 2 free Red Sox, Celtics, or Bruins tickets for your next stay (not at a high price, just any seat)
Have iPads in each room that allows the customer to chose from room service, housekeeping, maps, main attractions, full WiFi, and control the TV
Gives the customer interactive experience to personalize the stay and make it their own
Use Social Media to connect with consumers to showcase experience & book your hotel
Hotel Indigo
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