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brricklayer/stone mason

No description

Thomas Wilbanks

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of brricklayer/stone mason

What do you do as a bricklayer ?
Some bricklayers lay the foundation to homes, buildings, etc.

They also use a material called mortar when building which is basically cement that holds the bricks together.
What education do you need?
All that is required to be a bricklayer is a high school diploma and they will provide on the job training
What apparel do bricklayers wear?
Work Conditions
Mostly an on the job workplace, mainly in the outdoors unless they are laying bricks for a chimney which would be an inside and outside job.
How much does a bricklayer make?
some bricklayer projects
Jacob Wilbanks
average wage: $22.50
Annual salaries: $80,570 to less than $28,950
hard hats
yellow vest
steel toed boots
sturdy clothing
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