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The Adelie Penguin

No description

Anna kate Rose

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Adelie Penguin

hi i Leopard
seal Killer
Whale Adelie
Penguin Krill Fish including
ice and Tooth fish Humpback
Whale Petrel Emperor
penguin Squid Food Web The Adelie Penguin A Science Ecology Project By: Anna Kate Rose Animals and Plants Biome Information Species Information i i Pygoscelis adeliae.
The breeding times vary depending on the species, but most breed during spring and summer. They can have 1-2 eggs at a time and when they build their nests they put rocks around the edge to protect the eggs from melting snow, ice, or other things. The scientific name for the Adelie penguin is The Adelie penguin lives in Antarctica, which is considered the tundra biome because there are not a lot of trees or plants but only snow, ice, and rain. The Adelie penguin population is considered stable and is perhaps increasing. There are estimations that there are between 4 and 5 million adult Adelie penguins. A whale is a carnivore and a tertiary consumer.
A sea lion is a tertiary consumer and also a carnivore.
Squid are primary consumers and also carnivores.

Algae is a producer and also an autotroph.
Liverworts are autotrophs and also decomposers.
Lichens are decomposers and are also producers. Marine Bioligists study life forms in the ocean including everything from mammals to bacteria.

Ecologists study the relationship that living organisms have with each other and their environment. Human Interaction
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