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The economic difference between the three colonial regions.

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Faith Geurin

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of The economic difference between the three colonial regions.

By: Faith Geurin
The New England colonies are Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire.
The New England Region.
South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia.
Southern regional colony.
Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware
Middle Colonies
Work cited.
The economic difference between the three colonial regions.
The New England colony was mainly dependent the ocean. Importing and out porting goods. Shipbuilding, whaling, fishing, and trapping where also main factors to the economy.
The Southern regional colonies economy was based on sugarcane, rice, cotton, tobacco, and indigo.
The southern colonists had resources including good farmland and lumber.
New England is so close to the ocean and the forests of the Appalachian Mountains there is a supply of fish, lumber, and fur. This helps the colonists trade.

Economy was based on fishing, ports and farm crops such as wheat, rye, barely, orchard fruits, and corn
Farmland and plentiful water related resources such as fish and ports
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