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I am 25.

No description

Annette Heitmann

on 11 May 2012

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Transcript of I am 25.

I am 25. I am the only child. But it doesn't mean I come from a small family. I know that Ice Kacang in JB is better than Ice Kacang in Spore, anywhere (fact again). and my feet are a Size 8.
Yes, go ahead, gasp. I've never had long hair. I'm a dog person. I've only ever had big dogs. Which makes me a big-dogs person. I LOVE the Singapore Zoo (not including the reptile section). My mother is the most important person to me. But she is a horrible actress (truth). Let's start with the basics. My name is Annette. Sometimes, I refer to myself as Netty. Sometimes, I like to be called Netty. But I never like to be called Ah-neh, and I hate being called Anne-Ni-Tee. I am 25 today and I'm comfortable with my age. On that note, have you been to the Malaysian Zoo? Me neither. Oh, before I forget to mention - I'm Malaysian so no voting for me! Shame. I love the general sense of safety and security in Singapore. and I love the big open skies in Malaysia, the sense of space. I love fireworks. This is my story so far. I'm Chinese-German, but I'm really just Chinese... which has nothing to do with my ability to speak mandarin. Non the less, thank you for spending these few minutes with me, here. I hope you and I will better friends. I love my friends. I have a few of them. My friends and I, we used to day dream together when we were younger. But it also means that I have one day less to spend with my mother. The End.
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