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Dynasties of China

No description

Eli Elliott

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Dynasties of China

1.Created China's first writing system
2.Developed on the Huang He River (Yellow River)

Shang Dynasty (1500 B.C-771 B.C
Dynasties of China
1.Great Wall of China
2.Silk Road
Qin Dynasty (221 B.C- 206 B.C)
Han Dynasty (205 B.C- 140B.C)
1.Longest dynasty
2.Mandate of Heaven
Zhou Dynasty(1100 B.C-771 B.C
1.Time of great achievements
Song Dynasty(907 A.D.- 960A.D.
1. Kublai Kahn
2.Marco Polo
Yuan Dynasty 1279
Sui Dynasty( 589 A.D.- 619 A.D.
1. Built the Grand Canal
2.Reunified China under Yang Jiang
Tang Dynasty (300 years)
1.Was the golden age of china
2.First female to rule china
Ming Dynasty (1368 B.C.-1644 B.C.
1.Most prosperous and stable dynasty
2.Zheng He led voyages around Asia
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