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Who killed Mr.Krabs?

No description

victoria pratt

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Who killed Mr.Krabs?

Who killed Mr.Krabs?
Testified that he saw SpongeBob walk into the Krusty Krab, found in witness testimony number twenty, and after an hour he heard Mr. Krabs scream and a few minutes later he went inside and found Mr. Krabs dead.
Was it SpongeBob?
Answers to the questions.
SpongeBob had a motive, but would that really drive him to kill? Here are some questions that need to be asked before accusing him.
Why didn't they find his footprints in the blood puddle?
When the Investigators searched SpongeBob's house and found a spatula. The investigators put SpongeBob as a suspect due to finding Mr. Krabs's blood on it. Wasn't the murder weapon at the crime scene already?
If SpongeBob had killed Mr. Krabs and took his money then why would Plankton pay for his pineapple?
They didn't find his footprints in the blood puddle because he didn't kill him. Yes, his footprints were found in the grease, mentioned in crime scene evidence number five, but it also mentioned there being
other people's footprints
as well.
The murder weapon was already at the crime scene, crime scene evidence number two supporting it. SpongeBob testified, number twenty-one in suspect evidence, that Mr. Krabs cut his finger also confirming the cut they found on his finger in crime scene evidence number nine.
SpongeBob would have a lot of money after killing Krabs so he wouldn't have needed Plankton to pay for it. Plankton paid for it so he wouldn't be a suspect.
If he heard Mr. Krabs scream why didn't he go in then? If he
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