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Save the Dholes

No description

Austin Winchester

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of Save the Dholes

The Cuon Alpinus
Austin, Riley, Ashton
The Habitat and their Diet
The Dhole is a Carnivore
Its habitats is usually the forest (dry deciduous,moist deciduous, tropical rain forest), also meadows.
Top predators
The dhole has some predators are poacher, tigers, and leperds.
We can make a big habitat in the wild for them to help them repopulate and get to being
Recovery Plan 1
Why is our animal important
The dhole is important to the economy cause it eats all kinds of small animals so if they were gone the population would overgrow and more things to feed and many animals would die of starvation
How much it would take to save them
It would Probably take 100 Million. To make the Dholes Habitat in the wild. To make it Safe for them to live again and repopulate in peace.
How Many Dholes Are Left
Fewer than 2,500 are left in the world at this point and every year it gets lower and lower

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