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The Great Compromise

No description

Taylor Randolph

on 15 November 2015

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Transcript of The Great Compromise

The Great Compromise
The Virgina Plan
The Virginia Plan was drafted by James Madision and proposed by Edmund Randolph.
This plan delegates from Virginia, Pennsylvania, and other large states liked the Virginia Plan.
Having the new government represent people, not states, would give them more representatives and more power in both houses of Congress.
There were 3 branches of goverment
The New Jersey Plan
The New Jersey Plan was intoduced by William Paterson.
This plan thought that all states should be created equal no matter what their size is.

The Great Compromise
The Great Compromise was proposed by James Wilson.
This would give both the large and small states what they want, one house that represents the people and another house that represents the states. Having both would solve the problem of some states having all the power.
There are 3 branches in this plan.
By Taylor Randolph and Aiyana Pizana
The Vigina plan favored the bigger states.
Having the new goverment give all states equal power would give each state equal representives and equal power in both houses of Congress.
There are 3 branches
This plan favored both small and large states.
Thanks for watching!!
This planned favored the smaller states.
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