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Behavioral Based Safety

No description

Jenna Downing

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Behavioral Based Safety

Under the surface
Behavioral Based Safety
MSHA Annual Refresher Training
The End Result of Safe Behaviors...
Reduces potential for injury

Provides a safer place to work
Industrial Accidents

of industrial accidents are caused by behaviors of people....
NOT faulty equipment, machinery or conditions (like weather)
Behavioral Based Safety is the tip of the iceberg!
There are many things that can cause and contribute to accidents and injuries.

Behavior based safety focuses on the things under the surface

This helps to reduce / eliminate accidents and injuries

States and Errors
There are 4 states:
SafeStart Group Exercise
You go into the tool room to get the supplies needed for the job.

Your coworker is helping and grabs an extension cord.

As you are walking to the job site, you notice the cord is frayed.
SafeStart Group Exercise
While driving through the mine, you notice a large drop off on the shoulder of the road.
The rain has washed out the dirt.
SafeStart Group Exercise
Its 7AM and you are driving down the road.
Two cars in front of you, a man darts through traffic running to the other side.
The guy driving the white car has just gotten off night shift, working a full 12 hours.
SafeStart Group Exercise
You are heading to the breakroom.

Your coworkers were on top of the plant and have decided to use a “makeshift elevator” to keep from having to use the stairs to get down.
SafeStart Group Exercise
You are going by to visit your neighbor. He said he needed some help working on the outside of his house.
When you arrive, you find him working on some “homemade scaffolding”.
SafeStart Group Exercise
You are heading back to the office.

There is a pile of rebar laying on the ground from a construction project going on close by.

You see your coworker walking across the piles of material to get to the break room quicker
Which of the states match the pictures?
Which of the 4 errors might be an end result of the situation?
Eyes on Task
Mind on Task
Line of Fire
Balance, Traction, Grip
Group Exercise Instructions
4 States
4 Errors
Group Exercise
90 - 95%
Why are you twice as likely to be injured at work versus at home?

Why are some people more prone to having accidents?

What human factors, traits or emotions contribute to an increased potential for having an accident?

What factors are in place to help keep us safe on the job?
At Risk Behaviors
Lost Time Accidents
Medical Treatment Accidents
First Aid Accidents
Near Misses
But that's just the tip of the iceburg!!
What's the difference?
Sometimes the difference between a non-injury accident and a fatality is often just luck!

Report ALL unsafe acts and behaviors!
Remember....Mind on task.....Eyes on Path!!
can cause
or contribute to
These Critical Errors:
Mind not on Task
Eyes not on Path
Line of Fire
Losing your Balance, Traction or Grip
Which can increases your risk of injury!!
Gets you home to your family safely!
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