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South Korea

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some body

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of South Korea

South Korea is located in the southern part of the Korean peninsula. ( A piece of land mostly surrounded by water. )
It is like the size of Iceland or Indiana.
Korea has a four-season climate. Summer and winters are very long , while spring and fall are really short.
43.3% of Koreans are Atheism (don't believe in gods.)
31.6% of Koreans are Christians.
24.2% of koreans are Buddhist.
o.9% of koreans belong to different religions
Korean is their official language.Their alphabet is called Hangul.
Capital City
Korea's capital city is Seoul.
The flag of Korea
Fun Fact #1
Korean women wear a hanbok for special occasions and holidays.
This is a
hanbok ...
108 BC China conquers most of korea.
1446 King Saejong introduces hangul,the korean alphabet
late 1500s Japan attacks Korea; Korea pushes Japan out with Chinese help
1910 Japan conquers Korea

South Korea
For our presentation , we are going to tell you some information about South Korea, like the population, famous buildings, cultures, and etc.

Fun Fact #3
Fun Fact #2
Many bulidings in Korea don't have a fourth floor
because it's considered unlucky.
Fun Fact #4
Korea is home to some of the best professional video game players in the world. Some of them practice 16 hours a day. They make millions of dollars a year and are often treated like rock stars
THe currency in korea is called won. South Korea has several large industries that produce steel, cars, ships, and building materials. You might have a television or cellular phone in your home that was made in Korea or has parts made in Korea. Samsung, Hyundai, and LG are three of the most famous Korean brands. Korea sells fish, rice, barley, and vegetables to other countries.
South Korea has one of the world’s most developed transportation systems. Subways, trains, taxis, and buses all are common.
National sport
Koreas national sport is football (soccer.)
Distance calculator
Life as a kid
Korean kids love being with their families or playing with friends. However, they spend most of their free time doing schoolwork because their parents are often very competitive and want them to study at a top Korean university to get a good job. When kids do get free time, they like to play computer or video games, read comic books, play sports, and watch movies. They love watching soccer and baseball. Korean kids learn how to use computers when they are very young. When with adults, children must show respect by speaking with more polite language than they would with friends. They are expected to always obey their parents.

Fun fact # 5
South Korea is a democratic country (goverment by the people)
with a constitution (set of basic laws on which other law depend).

The distance from South Korea, Seoul ,to Canada, Vancouver, is 8178.8km
Korea is traditionally known as Choson, which means “Land of the Morning Calm.”

The distance between Seoul and Vancouver
There are 48 955 203 people living in korea.
Most people who live in Korea live in
high-rise apartments.
National Image
The mugungwha is the national flower. Also known as the Rose of Sharon, it can bloom even in the cold. Mugung means “endless,” which represents how Koreans have been persistent through many hard times.
What does the Korean
flag signify ?
The national flag was adopted in 1883. The white background symbolizes purity. The red and blue yin shows balance, and the four line groups represent the four universal elements: Earth, air, fire, and water
Life as a Kid
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