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TCS 2016 Next Steps

No description

Karla Bleakley

on 19 July 2016

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Transcript of TCS 2016 Next Steps

Charity Ambassadors
Staff Scouters
The Challenge
Your NCS journey doesn't end here.
You CAN make a difference to your world.

Media Ambassadors
NCS Ambassadors
Associate mentors
The Challenge Society - North West
@thechallengesociety - instagram
Social Action
Design & Production
Finance & Training
Human Resources
Marketing & Sales
Research & Development
NCS Action day
March 4th 2017
Get involved with our Graduate Events
filmed by our Media Ambassadors
Create promotional videos for TCS
Work with media professionals
Create awareness around issues you care about in the community
Get mentoring opportunities

Digital Story telling
Film Making
First hand marketing experience with a national youth charity
Personal satisfaction of helping other young people to take part in NCS
Continue to make new friends and interact with new people
Work alongside and learn from some great internal Challenge staff

Improve communication skills
Build confidence
Work in a professional manner

Charity Ambassador

Great opportunity to be on the other side of assessments valuable insight into the assessment process, finding out what to do and what not to do
Being a Youth Assessor is an important position of responsibility
Looks great on your CV and you get a reference!
Work alongside other graduates of NCS

Become more analytical and become a fantastic decision maker
Transferable job skills to take into a career; communication, team work, interacting in a work environment


Design your own Sport programme in your local area.
Get a free coaching qualification in your chosen sport
Create your own sport youth project for you and your friends to enjoy all paid for by Manchester City Council!
Sportivate will pay for venues, equipment and coaching for you and your friends to enjoy the sport you love in your local community.
Fixers want to help you continue your campaign for issues YOU care about.
Charity Ambassadors
Bite The Ballot
Become a #changemaker
BBC Masterclass
Here's a glimpse of what this masterclass will involve:

Introduction to BBC

– What is it like to work at the broadcaster.

Storytelling Workshop
– Using storytelling to communicate in a powerful and memorable way. Be that through television, radio or any other form of media!

Employability workshops
– How to get your foot in the door of the Creative Industries, with focus on entry level jobs and trainee positions.

My Job, My Journey
- Hear from the best and learn how they got to where they are today.

Get a Media Professional Mentor
Design & Production
Charity Ambassadors
Manchester Youth Market
Finance & Training
Regional Youth Board
Associate Mentor
Human Resources
Staff Scouters
Associate Mentor
Marketing & Sales
NCS Ambassadors
Media Ambassadors
Manchester Youth market
Research & Development
Events Teams
Manchester Youth Market
Do you want to be your own boss?
Manchester Youth Market suppoprts young people of Manchester become entrepeneurs

Come back on the NCS programme as a volunteer mentor and help out in week 3 and 4 next summer.
You will get full training in youth work, volunteering and most importantly get a NCS hoody!
Ask the Associate mentors on your wave how to apply!
Real people, real stories, real change.
Fixers have different backgrounds, interests and life experiences, and come from every corner of the UK.
But they do have several important things in common.
They are motivated by a desire to act on an issue that is important to them or a strong desire to help other people.

Remember the first week of NCS? This opportunity begins with an away weekend where you will get to meet your new team and take part in some outdoor pursuits and team building activities.

You will work with a charity organization specific to your area. The Charity will need your help is resolving an issue they are facing, maybe they need help with their social media, getting more young people involved in their work or something more practical like revamping their charity shop or helping build a community space.

Community outreach, project management, media, fundraising, events organizing, youth leadership, youth work, non profit sector.
Each team will kick off with an
away weekend in October half term

- outdoors pursuits
- team building
- skill sharing
- social action
Fundraising Ambassador
Gain experience Fundraising and setting up your own event!
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