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What does it mean?

Kristine Musgrove

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of CREATIVITY

By: Kristine A. Musgrove

Ways To Be Creative
How Can You Be Creative?
What Does It Mean To Be Creative?
"Create A Video That Makes People Think Differently"
The Scarecrow
"Creating A Solution To A Problem"
Big Bang Theory
"Create Culture In An Unlikely Environment"
Landfill Harmonic
"Allow For Yourself To Have Enough Time"
Creativity Requires Time
"3 Ways To Be Creative"

"Doing Your Own Thing"
-Find a routine that works for you.
-Don't get influenced by trends.
-Don't be obsessed with popular culture.
-Don't fit your work into a genre.
-Take advantage of your alone time.
-Ignore the past.
"Challenging Yourself with Creative Exercises"
-Limit yourself to only using the most vital tools.
-Write a story based on a picture.
-Spend half an hour a day thinking exclusively about one subject.
-Combine two distinct ideas.
-Keep a metaphor journal.
-Play word association games.
"On Being Creative"
-Take feedback with a grain of salt.
-Don't be afraid to criticize yourself.
-Don't be a perfectionist.
-Don't tie your self-worth to your creative output.
-Put yourself into situations where you know you will fail.
-Think like an adult but act like a kid.
"Adjusting Your Mindset"
This list was created and edited by internet users. I found this list interesting because it was made with a collaborative effort over time.
"The Secrets of the Super Creative"
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