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Intermediate 1 Reading Quiz

John Francis: The Planet Walker

Hugo Elliot

on 16 August 2017

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Transcript of Intermediate 1 Reading Quiz

Intermediate 1 Reading Quiz
3. John did all of these actions except which one?
A. He enrolled in college.
4. John tried to teach people all of these things, except which one?
A. He tried to teach them to protect the animals.
1. John uses all of these actions to explain his ideas, except which one?
A. He uses his paintings.
2. What is one thing that he never stopped doing?
A. He never stopped using automobiles.
John Francis: The Planet Walker
B. He uses his banjo.
C. He uses hand motions.
B. He never stopped talking.
C. He never stopped walking around.
The Answers
1. D
2. C
3. B
4. A
The Answers
The Answers
B. He wrote for the newspaper.
C. He taught others about protecting the environment.
B. He tried to teach people to care for each other.
C. He tried to teach people to care for the environment.
... are not here ...
... are not here ...
D. He helps to write laws.
D. He never stopped riding in cars.
D. He worked for National Geographic.
D. He tried to teach people about traveling.
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