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Ellen Hopkins

No description

Charlene Schramm

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Ellen Hopkins

Ellen Hopkins was born March 26, 1955 in Long Beach CA
She was adopted at birth by Albert C. Wagner, 72 and Valerie, 42
Ellen grew up in Palm Springs CA and moved to Santa Ynez Valley
She graduated from the high school in 1973
Ellen dropped out of college when she got married and started a family- 2 kids, Jason and Crystal
She divorced her first husband and met her third child's father, who was abusive and kidnapped their daughter when Ellen wanted to leave him
Found "true love", John Hopkins, in 1985 and married on October 19, 1991 Biography Just Before The Drop You know how you
stand and stand and stand
in line for the most
gigantic incredible roller
you’ve ever dared attempt.

Anticipation swelling,
minute by minute by minute,
you choose to wait even
longer, to ride in the front
and finally it’s your turn.

They buckle you in, lock the
safety bar with a jolting clunk!
Hook engaged, the chain jerks
you forward. You start to

Cresting the top, time
moves into overtime
as you wait for that scant
hesitation, just before you

You know how you feel
at that instant? Well, that’s
exactly how it feels when you
shake hands with the
monster. Ellen Hopkins Poem
Analysis Analysis The metaphor is when in the poem she says "Well, that's exactly how it feels when you shake hands with the monster." What she is indicating is that she is selling her soul by doing something she knows there will be precautions in the end.
The imagery that was found is "Cresting the top, time moves into overtime as you wait for that scant hesitation, just before you drop." There isn't much description but its enough to know exactly what she is implying. If you've ever been on a roller coaster before you know that feeling you get when your at the top you hear people screaming and get the drop feeling in your stomach that scares you.
When I read this poem it makes you think its working up to an exciting moment as it puts you at the tops of a roller coaster but takes a turn into a mysterious ending. Shadow

Have you ever loved
something with all
of yourself?

It’s the hardest, best
that will ever happen.

It is happiness,
in a whole.

But what happens,
when it goes away?

Everyone says,
‘there’s a rainbow
after a storm’.

Not after this storm.

Pure bliss,
is the cause
of pure darkness.

Without you,
i’m lost.

I’m nothing. Did You Ever

When you were little, endure
your parents’ warnings, then wait
for them to leave the room,
pry loose protective covers
and consider inserting some metal
object into an electrical outlet?

Did you wonder if for once
you might light up the room?

When you were big enough
to cross the street on your own,
did you ever wait for a signal,
hear the frenzied approach
of a fire truck and feel like
stepping out in front of it?

Did you wonder just how far
that rocket ride might take you?

When you were almost grown,
did you ever sit in a bubble bath,
perspiration pooling,
notice a blow dryer plugged
in within easy reach, and think
about dropping it into the water?

Did you wonder if the expected
rush might somehow fail you?

And now, do you ever dangle
your toes over the precipice,
dare the cliff to crumble,
defy the frozen deity to suffer
the sun, thaw feather and bone,
take wing to fly you home?

I, Pattyn Scarlet Von Stratten, do.

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