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The story of Teresa Fidalgo

No description

Abigail Voyles

on 14 September 2014

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Transcript of The story of Teresa Fidalgo

The story of Teresa Fidalgo
A true story
Who was Teresa Fidalgo?
Teresa Fidalgo is a young woman who died in a car accident in 1983.
There is very little information about the accident, leaving very unusual curiosity in every part of her family.

There is a story about 3 people, who are driving
around and then have a car crash.

They never hit anything, and just flipped over without actual explanation.
Police think that this somehow had to do with Teresa's legend.
In the accident, police found a DV Camera recording, which is 13-14 minutes long.
In the video it shows what had actually happened before the accident.
People say it was so bizarre, Police destroyed it immediately.
People brought rumors that the 3 people had disturbed Teresa's ghost, maybe while wandering the road, and she had gotten angry.
What happened then?
Several years later, a similar girl was seen on the highway where Teresa lost her life. She had asked for a hitchhiking trip.
She was later given a ride with a couple who also died after the girl's face suddenly became red with blood.
Why is Teresa's story still out there?
David Rebordao created what people thought was a fake film of what happened to the couple that night.
People have also been getting E-Mail's stating that it is her anniversary. The E-Mails had also said that if you don't share the E-Mail, you would die that night, Teresa would kill you in anger of not remembering her.
What people thought to be a fake film, made by David, turned out to be a real clip of what had happened to
them that night.
David died that night.
Thanks to his friend, who had recorded the conflict, Teresa is living - But dead- In our memory.
David's friend had lived, but could never explain what really happened.
The video was deleted from Youtube about a month later, by David's friend, not wanting to remember what happened.
But no matter how hard he tried, he could not forget that night.
The night his friends had died from a legend, he thought wasn't real.
This is a picture of part of the video those police found after those 3 people crashed.
Yes, that is right.
Teresa found a way to bring the video back.
A photo of her ghostly figure.
The police investigated the David Rebordao scene and found a curious peice of information.
That another woman named Teresa Fidalgo lived in 1983, had a car accident in that excact location.
All though, people do not know what happened, it still remains mysterious to us curious followers in 'The White Lady'.
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