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My story 2017

No description

Leah Spence

on 16 October 2018

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Transcript of My story 2017

the 60's
Civil Rights
Vietnam war
Study abroad
English Department, PhD program

make your own course of study
become the authority
be credible as a scholar
don't just learn, contribute
"...With recourse to poststructuralist discourse, this dissertation seeks to reconceptualize magic realism and develop interpretive lenses through which readers can envision the new form of 'clarity' offered by magic realism's double-image recounting of political and historical reality..."
Why did you choose these four books?
I learned to remember that college work is about my own learning.
When you work hard, you learn, change, and grow, and your mentors will honor that,
despite your mistakes
I still believe in being guided by love.

Teaching = dialogue among "people who are attempting, together, to learn more than they now know"

" If I do not love the world--if I do not love life--if I do not love people--I cannot enter into dialogue."

a couple of pieces of my story.....
Paolo Freire on teaching and learning:
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