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Ben Franklin School Improvement Plan

No description

Joel Anich

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Ben Franklin School Improvement Plan

Student Driven
Teams creating Curriculum

Strengthens student motivation
Promotes peer communication
Builds student-teacher relationships
Promotes discovery/active learning
Responsibility for one’s own learning

Addressing the Common Core

Downfalls- assessment

Student assessment

Ben Franklin School Improvement Plan
Mission Statement
Collaborative Block Scheduling
-Teachers collaborate to plan out time for lessons
-Allows for lessons to decide the time
Core Classes (especially)

R. Respect
O. Opportunity
A. Achievement
D. Diversity
S. Success
As a middle school we believe that each student is entitled to a safe environment for growing and learning. We believe our teachers and community can band together to foster the best opportunities for growth and leadership for our middle level learners. Through teaming, with flexible scheduling and large involvement with arts and technology our group will foster diverse, well rounded students.
Each grade will be split into two teams
Each team will consist:
4 Teachers (Math, Science, Language Arts, Social Studies
Approximately 80 students

Benefits of teaming:
Multi-disciplinary units
Lead to more authentic assessment
Set time for collaboration
Enhanced peer relationships (Students and Teachers)
Beneficial group work
More exploration time
School and community
English Language Learners
Electives and Clubs
Benefits of Advisories
Health and Wellness
Health and Wellness
Health Education

Consumer Health
Sex Drugs & Alcohol
Emotional Health
Expand on the original homeroom program
Groups would remain the same for all three years
Focused on major issues in middle school
Relationships (romantic and unromantic)
Body Image
Student input will shape advisories
Physical Education

Individual Sports
Team Sports
Adventure Education
Movement Education
Lifetime Activities
Outdoor Activities

Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Peer Mediation Team
Composed of students and teachers
All teachers are formally trained
Teachers train students

Accurately represent Ben Franklin Middle School demographic
Selected by teachers
Students should be role models and show maturity
Peer Mediation
Computer Graphics
Show Choir
Students learn problem solving skill
Reduces major disciplinary issues
Disputes settled sooner
Puts students in control of outcome
Elementary to Middle School Transition
Middle to High School Transition
Home Economics
Computer Programming
Foreign Language
Mission Statement
Diversity Statement
Floor Layout
Flexible Block Schedule
School and Community
Extracurricular and Electives
Health and Wellness
Peer Mediation
Each student has connection to at least one faculty member
Students form support groups of peers
Parents have a main faculty member they can reach out to regarding their student
In a time of self discovery it is our teams' belief that our students should have the opportunity to express themselves creatively through art, music, and other electives both inside and outside of the classroom.
Service Learning:
Student and Team planned project
-6-8th grade semester or year
Student Ownership
Parent Involvement:
-open doors
-'office hours'
Teacher training
-Required meetings for better teaching
Differentiated Instruction
-different techniques for different learning styles
-correlates to scheduling
-being informed
The roadrunners
Part 1
In Spring, Middle school teachers and students, chosen by teachers will be brought to elementary school.
Later that day the students will all be brought to and walked through the middle school in groups

Elementary to Middle School Transition
At BFMS we promote student's to create clubs that we do not currently have. It develops leadership and gives the students responsibilities, as well as give students a safe place to go after school. Clubs range from floor hockey, to coin club!
Part 2
Before their first day of school, during the summer, parents will show up to meet with all of their children's teachers and will be encouraged to stay for a school meeting that will take place immediately after.
Shadowing program
This will take place during the Spring for each 8th grade student.
Each will be assigned a buddy, sophomore, to follow around to experience a normal day for a high school student.
Special Education
Education in an age appropriate environment
Handled individually and according to each student's IEP
Flexibility and ideals exchange will be enhanced through teaming
All Students will be active in their school community
In-service training for teachers
Floor Layout
TEAMING= Main focus
of layout.

Teacher's offices in
middle of classrooms.
Diversity Statement
“At our school, diversity encompasses:
-Gender -Race -Education -Sexual Orientation
-Ability -Religion -Emotion -Appearance

Our staff will collaborate with and engage students to promote respect and celebration of diversity.
This will be done by fostering a safe classroom environment that is open, but appropriate in the discussion of sensitive issues. By using multiple strategies employed within the curriculum, advisories, and community projects, we can create the type of environment that would be best for fostering lifelong learning and teaching the type of skills that are essential for development.”
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