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Colonial Pennsylvania

Kaylor Witas

Kaylor Witas

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Colonial Pennsylvania

Kaylor Witas Colonial Pennsylvania The Pennsylvania Colony was founded in 1681by William Penn. William Penn wanted to use
Pennsylvania as a refuge for
Quakers, but anyone was welcome to live there. The area that Colonial Pennsylvania was located in was the middle region. The Pennsylvania Colony had a good economy. They had easy access to oceans and streams. Colonial Pennsylavania was considered a slave-owning colony. By the 1800s, slavery had been brought to the Pennsylvania Colony. The daily life was hard. The women had to cook and make the clothes, soap, candles, etc. The men had to do the hunting for the food even though the women cooked it. Most men were farmers, but some others were made to trade supplies/ necessities. Pennsylvania Colony Map of the There was religious freedom all throughout the Pennsylvania Colony. I learned that the Pennsylvania Colony was founded in 1681 by William Penn. It was located in the middle region and they had access to the ocean and streams. They had a close relationship with the natives and there was religious freedom throughtout the colony. The colony also believed in using slaves. If I could choose one teacher to live in Colonial Pennsylvania, I would choose Mr. Vozza. I would choose him because I think it would be fun to see him hunt. I also think he would stand up against the slavery because he doesn't think it is right. The Pennsylvania Colony had a close relationship with the natives (mainly Lenape and Susquehanna). The Quakers would repetedly treat the natives with respect and voluntarily buy land from them.
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