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Our success rests on high performing people

No description

Samantha Stanton

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Our success rests on high performing people

Our success rests on high performing people
Supporting our people and our organisation to succeed
New Council Plan
Restructure HR & move
to Org Support Directorate
Restructured from
6 to 5 directorates
Increased investment in
leaders within OLT
New corporate Health & Wellbeing Framework
New Workforce development
plan endorsed by EMT
No future for CID - as bought out by another supplier so no further development in the tool
New Council Plan & Budget
Image problem
Product problem
Establish Contracts & Project Coordination Unit
Special Projects
Performance management
is "broken" but we're
not ready to fix it...yet
Staff survey
Staff world
cafe event
Management Fundamentals Program launched
OLT go to Peppers
EMT behaviours developed
Capex planning improved & first major review done
OLT behaviours finalised
Workforce Development Survey completed by OLT:
some questions easier to answer than others
easier to predict more than one year out
reluctance to differentiate between positions
restructuring a goal of many
no decrease in workforce predicted
Expand DISC further
People and Learning
Env Health & Local Laws
Sustainable Environment
Council Plan Major Review commenced
3-year forward software
plan under development
Expanded Annual Corporate Learning Calendar
Formula 1%
$10.3M Super shortfall
Bendigo 2036
Community Plan
OLT said they want they more training in:
100% continuous improvement
94% developing KPIs
88% Using the technology/software
86% workforce planning
82% business planning
69% Individual performance and development planning
61% strategic planning
Enterprise Agreement
Procurement Roadmap
Expanded CEO Performance Plan
Adopt Directorate
Workforce Development
Review approach to Performance Planning for Directors and Managers
EA negotiation
Conduct staff survey
Commence next cycle of
planning and budgeting
OLT development - where to?
New intranet
New CEO Bulletin to staff
Project management system scoping
New reporting system to replace CID selected
Council Election
Project vIPeR
Client Manager/Project Manager
roles clarified
Commence review of Hargreaves Mall project
Media & Communications
Org Support
Engineering & Public Space
Community Wellbeing
Presentation & Works
Select a framework
for continuous improvement
Focus on Selecting for success
Finalise Project Management Manual
What OLT said about integrated planning and reporting:
43% said current planning framework unhelpful
74% said calendar unhelpful
21% said insufficient training
31% said insufficient support
80% wanted a reduction in reporting
No clarity on when to report - the monthly finance report was the only clear deadline
Audit reporting in CID the only good case study
"Kill CID" - strong dislike for reporting system - not intuitive, not integrated, not used to potential
Focus on delivery, at the expense of reporting "I can spend time doing it, or reporting on it "
Leadership Framework developed - commitment by OLT to "build and buy"
Approx 20% PDRs returned to P&L
Timing of PDRs not aligned to org planning cycle
Increments paid on anniversary, no link to performance (EA 2006)
Reactive underperformance management
Spate of investigations

It's the conversation that counts!
Use of DISC to increase focus on self awareness
Refresher in Workplace Behaviours Training
Work on and in the culture
By involving OLT in the process and selection of their own KPIs we in turn will strengthen our culture of accountability for results
8 key priorities from WFD survey:
1. attracting suitable candidates
2. training and development
3. having an appropriately skilled workforce
4. succession planning
5. funding service/project delivery
6. changes to external demands
7. changes to internal priorities
8. performance management
Strategic view of resource allocation
Borrowing capacity
Major projects funding
Asset Renewal
CEO Reappointed for 5 years
New staff recognition
program launched
Scope PDR review for staff
capex delivery improved by 16%
(66 to 82% of total budgeted)
Introduced Staff Reflections survey
for staff between 3-6 months
Risk management audit - overhaul needed
Updating LTFP
Refresh org values and behaviours
Procedure for managing
Essential Services Commission
Framework a "no go"
Business Intelligence
tool to be introduced
Workforce Data Profiles produced for
org, directorates and units
Pay Equity Action Plan
New Contact Officers Network established
"Revolution by evolution"
What's the scope of the problem we're trying to solve?
Headcount 930
FTE 648.23
Turnover 11.14%
Absenteeism 4.04%
Average age: 46.35
90% said new calendar helped
Improve planning

Reduce reporting

Achieve results
Culture challenge
Directorate workshops booked in to isolate unique and shared priorities
Led from the
top down
94% said new templates helped (up from 50%)
75% said they now got needed training
80% said they got needed support
One year on from Project vIPeR
Improve cooperation across work areas
Measure success

What's happening in your world?
Adopt Risk Management Framework
Integrated Planning and Reporting
City Futures
Visitor Services
Building & Property Services
Headcount 925
FTE 616.08
Turnover 7.7%
Absenteeism 3.66%
Average age: 46.11
Headcount 1006
FTE 663.21
Turnover 10.57%
Absenteeism 4.76%
Average age: 46.37

Review CID
Accountabilities & responsibilities
Annual risk reviews
Risk profile
Alignment with objectives
Do risk assessments early
RM Committee
Capture new/emerging risks
Better assurance
EMT & Audit Committee
Assess effectiveness of controls and plans
RM policy
RM handbook
RM Framework
People and Learning becomes
People and Performance
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