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Maria Jesus Perez Bango

on 9 December 2013

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final reflections.

How I changed my perspective:
The digital world has laws and dangers: BEWARE!
Comics are not only for entertainment: CREATE!
There are many user-friendly tools to create simple videos in minutes: USE THEM!
Budding up to make stories is fun for all ages, the web allows for that: ENJOY!
Mobiles are not only for calling and chatting, there are apps for creating and narrating: LET'S GO!
My favourite tool is ANIMOTO
I used it for severl tasks. And this is why:
It´s USER-FRIENDLY: no great fuss about understanding the basics.
It's COST-EFFECTIVE AND PRODUCTIVE: you can create videos in a very short time and the output is superb. Even for toddlers.
How I will apply what I have learnt
There are some practiced I have already implemented but more are still to come.
My experience
It has been hard work and I want to show the results.
My favourite task:
My favourite activity was the use of
comics to support literacy
I find a
great alternativ
e to a summary or a set of
It's also wonderful to publish and
enjoy after the jo
b is done.
My comic.
Digital citizenship
My students will start the year with a brief training on
what's right and wrong when using online content.
I will definitely use comics to:
support literacy
illustrate confusing structures and words
express emotions
Video Storytelling
I will use Prezi as a teaching tool to introduce concepts and prompts for oral tasks.
Students will use Animoto to create projects on their daily lifes, biographies and to illustrate arguments in advanced levels.
Collaborative Storytelling
I will use PADLET for
cooperative narration
presentations of arguments for and against

VOXOPOP will be:
a type of cyber-Agora where discussion will be opened and stories shared.
the audio matching the stories in Padlet
Storytelling with mobile devices.
I have already been tweeting assignment to students and got them to tweet a story.
I also use personal mobiles to record anecdoted and later check for accuracy.
I will encourage using the Animoto app for turning everyday trivial photographs into engaging videos to share with the class.
All in all, whenever an app is available for a project, I will
present and promote
its use, as I know it´s faster and more convient for many.
by Maria Jesus Perez Bango
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