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Laura Flanagan

on 1 March 2016

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Transcript of Caddo

Health and Clothing
A smallpox epidemic swept through the area in winter of 1960-1961 killing 3,000 Caddos. Men wore breechcloth made of bark fabric or deerskin. Women wore knee length skirt also made from bark fabric or deerskin. For special rituals and ceremonies acient Caddo wore beautiful feather cloaks and magnificent feather headdresses.
Hello! We are the Caddo tribe. We are one of the friendliest tribes. Caddo lives in East Texas. Also around the Red River.
Food and Weapons
The Caddo had food reserves of corn. They killed deer, bison, and bear for their furs and meat. Caddo also ate meat, veggies, eggs, berries, and nuts. They made bone into awls, beamers, digging implements, and hoes. The Caddo also had stone fashioned into arrowheads, ground stone celts, and axes for use removing trees and turning over soil.
Conflicts and Traditions
Caddo was not especially warlike except for their traditional conflicts with the Osages to the North and Tonkawa.
Religion and Housing
Centers had earthen mounds used as platforms for temple structures for civic and religious functions. Caddo's housing was tall and cone shaped covered in grass and cane.
Government and Art
In 1938 the Constitution for the Caddo Indians of Oklahoma became and established government. In art they were most famous for their pottery.
Economics and Communication
Caddo developed a successful horticultural economy based on cultivation of maize, beans, may grass, amaranth, chenopods, and sunflowers. The important items in trade were bison hides, salt, bois d'arc bows, copper, stone, turquoise and marine shell used for gorgets, cups, and dippers
By: Elizabeth Mann and Jack Yurich
Thank You for watc
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