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St Michael's Strategic Vision 2020_web

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SMGS Prezi

on 17 August 2016

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Transcript of St Michael's Strategic Vision 2020_web

Strategic Vision 2020
Core Assumptions
Who we are
St Michael’s Grammar School is a leading coeducational independent school on a single campus from Early Childhood to Year 12, respected for its exceptional education, well-being programs and diverse learning community.
Deeply committed to an innovative approach to teaching, learning and caring, St Michael’s empowers students to pursue their chosen educational paths, explore their interests and passions, and gain confidence in their unique strengths, talents and abilities.
Our Way of Doing, Being & Becoming
When we model and sustain appropriate behaviours and have high expectations, we positively influence others and improve our own lives. In all that we do and say we model for others. If we wish others to be empathetic and caring people destined to make a difference in the world, we need to ensure that we explicitly and implicitly model these behaviours ourselves.

Focus Areas

St Michael's Learning


Learning Environment

1. Single Campus in St Kilda
2. Coeducational
3. 1350–1400 students
4. Anglican
5. K–12
6. Non-selective


Goal 1:

St Michael’s will be an exemplary school committed to quality and excellence
in its academic programs and its teaching, learning and caring.

Expected outcomes:
• Innovation, planning and implementation of a contemporary approach to teaching,
learning and caring will be evident.

• We will be acknowledged for the quality of our academic programs and the excellence
of our teaching, learning and caring.

• When a student completes their learning at St Michael’s, they will leave the School
ready for the next stage in their lives.
Goal 2:
St Michael’s will be an exemplary professional learning organisation and a recognised employer of choice.

Expected outcomes:
• St Michael’s will be acknowledged as an exemplary professional learning
organisation and an endorsed employer of choice.

• We will attract, retain and sustain people who are aligned to our values and
are able to actively contribute to the achievement of our visions and goals.

• A culture of professional learning and sustained growth and development
will be visible.

Goal 3:
St Michael’s will actively and collaboratively contribute to building social capital in its own community and in other communities with which it connects.

Expected outcomes:
• We will be known for our collaborative engagement in a diverse range of communities

• St Michael’s will have a vibrant, engaged and aligned alumni, parent and volunteer

• We will have robust links with a range of community organisations.
Goal 4:
Quality and excellence in teaching, learning and caring will drive the development of leading edge facilities and infrastructure.

Expected outcomes:
• It will be visible that plans and approaches related to Facilities, Infrastructure
and Technology are based on knowledge about achieving quality and excellence
in teaching, learning and caring.
Goal 5:
St Michael’s will be financially sustainable and environmentally responsible, not-for-profit organisation.

Expected outcomes:
• It will be viable to continue to operate the School as a result of our
financial sustainability.

• St Michael’s will be recognised as an environmentally responsible

Focus area:
Teaching, Learning and Caring
1. Enabling quality and excellence in teaching, learning and caring through aligned, coherent and contemporary K–12 frameworks.

2. Improving learning and teacher quality through collaborative practice and feedback.

3. Understanding and utilising innovative technology to enhance learning outcomes.
Focus area:
4. Proactive and innovative management of current and future staffing requirements to optimise individual, team and organisational strengths.

5. The provision of responsive and meaningful terms and conditions of employment which clearly reflect the value of staff and appropriately reward and recognise quality.

6. A holistic growth, development and wellbeing framework for all staff, to optimise their strengths and ability to contribute positively and productively to the St Michael’s community.

7. Recognition of learning and achievements.
Focus area:
Community Engagement
8. Sustaining the School’s culture, heritage and tradition for future generations.

9. All members of the St Michael’s community understanding and making visible our Way of Doing, Being and Becoming.

10. Developing and sustaining the St Michael’s Community with a strong focus on social engagement and local and international connection.

11. Building a philanthropic culture.

12. Making visible the strengths of St Michael's teaching, learning and caring approaches.
Focus area:
Facilities, Infrastructure
and Technology
13. K–12 teaching, learning and caring will inform and direct the development of the built form and the adoption and embedding of technology as an integral part of the built form.
Focus area:
Finance, Funding
and Risk Management
14. Promoting leadership and governance through the implementation of programs designed to improve transparency to the stakeholder groups in our community.

15. Ensuring future financial sustainability via a robust, responsive and holistic approach to future income and funding streams.

16. Strategic management of risk.
The Learner
People at St Michael’s will become autonomous, continuous, flexible, resilient, creative and collaborative learners. They will understand the value of transdisciplinary perspectives and will have the capacity to work positively and productively with others to solve authentic challenges. Seeking and reflecting on feedback will be integral to their growth as learners.

Imbued with the capacity for curiosity, self-reflection, critical analysis and compassion, they will also have the courage to take action themselves and on behalf of others within a moral framework that they can explicitly defend.
The Learning
The key to learning is the learner’s ability to develop and expand their own learning strategies. The learner will need to draw on the skills of the ‘continuous autonomous learner’, the ‘collaborative networker’, the ‘wise analyser’ and the ‘creative synthesiser’. These skills, coupled with a deep knowledge of the disciplines, will enable them to engage positively with the growing complexity and diversity of social values and ways of being.

The concepts of the ‘continuous autonomous learner’, ‘collaborative networker’, ‘wise analyser’ and ‘creative synthesiser’ are adapted from Mike Lambert’s ‘21st-Century Learners and their Approaches to Learning’ (2001).
The Learning Environment
The learning environment draws on transdisciplinary insights and a moral framework, and provides opportunities for:

Collaboration and cooperation
Flexible responses to sources
Transferral of learning into practical application
Evidence-based decision-making in new applications and contexts.

The learning environment is trusting and supportive, but it also enables challenge and privileges responsible risk-taking.
St Michael's Grammar School
Our Values
The School’s progressive culture reflects the spirit of its founders, the Community of the Sisters of the Church. Since 1895, their visionary principles of diversity, creativity and innovative learning have been deeply embedded within the St Michael’s community.

At the centre of our community of learners are the values of Dignity, Respect, Care and Compassion which are translated into action daily through positive relationships and encapsulated by the School community’s
belief in autonomy and integrity.

Our Vision
St Michael’s students will think critically and creatively, be able to communicate
and negotiate, live with dignity, care and compassion, demonstrating respect for others and their environment as contributing global citizens. They will leave St Michael’s with a strong sense of self. They will learn to recognise their strengths and confidently apply this knowledge to plan the next phase of their lives.
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