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A Learning Design Studio in Mobile Learning

MLearn 2012 Conference presentation

orit mogilevsky

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of A Learning Design Studio in Mobile Learning

Description of the design process Orit Mogilevsky, University of Haifa, Israel
Yishay Mor, Open University, UK
mLearn 2012, Helsinki

http://prezi.com/lig3yfn2jbyh/a-learning-design-studio-in-mobile-learning/ A Learning Design Studio
in mobile learning 1st step From idea to reality 2nd step At the beginning... Get an idea
present it to class
find partners Defining the learning context Review case studies For example: 'Epicollect'
'Butterfly net' Outline a solution
Drawing scenario... Senior secondary school students in
Israel majoring in biology are required to conduct a biotope research project Field work away from the school Collection of large amounts of data:
surveying, plant identification,
and environmental characteristics Challenges & Pedagogical approach inability of the teacher
to accompany and guide a number of groups
in different places simultaneously Connectivity between:
classroom space,
students and teachers Difficulties in data collection & documenting the process Socio - constructivist:
Students constructs their knowledge
through interaction with teacher and peers What will be if....
Development of  a collaborative learning environment with a  guided web site that combines mobile and smartphone mobile technologies. Mobile technology enables access to information,
data collection and analysis. What were the challenges and dilemmas of students
induced by the design-inquiry methodology, and how did the students deal with those challenges? Student experiences How the analysis was done? * Learning diaries

* Project web-sites

* Design narratives Challenges & Dilemmas Results "Quotes" Challenges "I've built a web-site, I wrote contexts,
I looked for examples,
I built detailed scenarios,
I've reached to the first design step and all five main features need to develop.
All of that was to find out that I made a big mistake. I was busy with the course requirements.
I did all the tasks rapidly and full with anxiety without having something concrete in my hand. It's like a contractor that starts to build the construction without the groundwork" "I see the big picture; I know exactly what I want and what I need to do in the learning process. But it is difficult for me to pull apart the picture into little units and analyze every unit" "There is no doubt that an implementation of mobile learning is not so easy, there is a need to do a combination of many complicated factors, I thought I know exactly how I want that our activity will occur until this lesson. When we started to discuss as a group about the scenario I understood how much there is a lot of work to do. Suddenly very important issues came up and there were many things that we had to decide about". Dealing with the challenges Results * Using supporting tools, methods & representations

* Guidance from professionals

* Collaborative learning within groups and between groups "Quotes" Dealing with the challenges "We started to connect the design principles to our project, through the drawing and the ideas arrangement we reached to an amazing subject and into more deeply project that is more relevant to the research…and the picture that we sketched helped us to discover and analyze every step in this progress" "Discussions that took place in the classroom with regard to the same design process; contexts, case studies, scenarios, role playing and so on – and not necessarily specifically regarding our project, were all enriching and have contributed to me a lot" "I found the collaborative and structured progress of the team during the design of the learning environment fascinating. The contribution of each member of the team and the mutual interaction allowed us to reach understandings that are difficult to achieve individually" Our goal:
Design a mobile educational environment that enhance students’ learning skills and create an opportunity for communication with the teacher on a personal level. The context The course The challenge Mobile Learning Make relevant in this context Context Learner mobility Seamless learning Location based learning Ambient computing Augmented Reality http://courses.edtech.haifa.ac.il/mlearning 13 weeks
17 students
6 Projects Learning Design Studio Observe Ideate Inspire Sketch Prototype Implement Evaluate http://sites.edtech.haifa.ac.il/pqpa/background/context http://vimeo.com/groups/84985 http://sites.edtech.haifa.ac.il/biophone/designexperiment/development Coming soon... http://www3.open.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/course/h817.htm http://www.olds.ac.uk/ A design study of a mobile learning environment for secondary school biotope projects Biophone Project https://sites.google.com/a/tzafonet.org.il/biophone/ http://hci.stanford.edu/research/butterflynet/ https://sites.google.com/a/edtech.haifa.ac.il/unveil/ http://www.pi-project.ac.uk/ http://www.yishaymor.org/phd Discussion http://sites.edtech.haifa.ac.il/pqpa/ http://sites.edtech.haifa.ac.il/mathmatics-in-the-pocket/designexperiment/scenarios http://sites.edtech.haifa.ac.il/qrg/
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