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Silicon is my element :) For Ms.Kittricks Science Class

Crystal Ogbonna

on 9 January 2013

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SCIENCE-MS.KITTRICK ELEMENT PROJECT-Silicon ELEMENTS PROJECT BY: CRYSTAL :) SILICON CONTINUE... FUN FACTS -In California there is a place known as silicon valley, because of the growth of computer technology. Silicon got its name from the Latin word Silex, which means flint. The "on" was added because it was similar to Boron or Carbon. Physical Description COLOR: Silicon has a metallic , silvery color DISCOVERY OF
SILICON We can find silicon in:
construction materials,
computer chips,
rock crystals, and
sand. 14 SI Silicon 28.086 <--- Atomic Number <--- Atomic Symbol <--- Element Name <--- Atomic Mass Silicon was discovered by Jöns Jacob Berzelius, a Swedish chemist, in 1824 of Matter: SOLID Metalloid PERIOD: 3 GROUP: DENSITY: 2.33g/cm 3 ATOMIC RADII:111 Pm Silicon is commonly used
in the construction industry. Silicon is also used to produce ultra-pure silicon wafers used in the semiconductor industry and other electronics Silicon is important in everyday life, because it is used in compounds to make so many important things we use. For example, silicon is used to make steel and glass. We use and see these things almost everyday. Its also in computer chips. IMPORTANCE SILICON ORBITAL has been suggested to improve
the thermal conductivity
of semiconductors. Si-28 Si-30 has been used to produce
the radioisotope ISOTOPES - Silicon is in suns and stars - Is the 2nd most abundant element in the earths crust. - Never occurs as a free element, meaning, it is always mixed with an other element. - Silicon Gel is often used for breast implants in women. BY: CRYSTAL :) State 14 silicon wafers: thin slices of materical like slicon crystals used in fabrication of circuits and other micro devices
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