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chapter 2

Christine Lightner

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Confirmation

Chapter 2
Coming out of the waters of Baptism
Newly baptized were "sealed" with the Holy Spirit by Laying on of Hands and anointing with oil
Sacraments of Initiation were celebrated together at the Easter Vigil
History of Confirmation
To complete initiation:
new Christians were invited to the Table of the Lord to receive and celebrate Eucharist for the first time
Now, these sacraments are separated by many years of growth and life experience in faith
Three Important Sacraments
cleanses us from original sin
makes us children of God
radical change that can never be undone
seals with spiritual mark that can not be taken away
seals us with the Spirit
strengthening the grace of Baptism
strengthening our bond with the church
marked with Christ forever
nourishes and sustains our new life in Christ
words that = spirit
enthusiasm, energy, commitment, comfort guide
Symbols of the Holy Spirit
The holy Spirit is our:
advocate - one who speaks on our behalf, defends us, comforts and consoles us
Spirit of truth - one who communicates God's truth, inspires the scriptures, guides our faith journey
Spirit of Glory - One who urges us on to the Glory God has in store for us and who gives us courage to share in Jesus' mission
The word "spirit" is a translation of the Hebrew word for "breath", "air" or "wind"
In Scripture, the Holy Spirit was represented as wind, a cloud, light and fire
just as the priest calls on the Holy Spirit during the Eucharist to "transform the bread and wine into the body and blood of Christ" We too call on the HOLY SPIRIT to transform us into more Christ-like children of God
Why Confirmation?
I believe statements
What do Catholics believe about Jesus Christ?
Son of God
#2 person of Trinity
became one of us to free us from sin
God's Anointed One
Savior of the World
What is the mystery of the Incarnation?
unity of the humanity and divinity in Jesus Christ
Who is the Blessed Virgin?
Jesus' mom
How did Jesus free us from sin?
through His saving death and resurrection
it is the HOLY SPIRIT that keeps the church vital and dynamic
Jesus sent the HOLY SPIRIT to his disciples to help them to be APOSTLES at PENTECOST
Sacraments of initiation were celebrated together at the Easter Vigil
What are the the Sacramental signs of Confirmation?
Anointing with oil
The words, " Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit."
What is Confirmation?
strengthens and continues Baptism
we are sealed with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit
What is Chrism?
Olive Oil and Balm
Blessed by the Minister of Confirmation
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