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Jennie Brownell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Rastafari

Why and how was Rasafari established? WHY HOW To encourage pride in being black and to reverse the mindset of inferiority that centuries of enlavement had ingrained on the minds of blacks. The Rastafarian movement began with the teachings of Marcus Garvey (1887-1940), a black Jamaican who led a "Back to Africa" movement. He taught that Africans are the true Israelites and have been exiled to Jamaica and other parts of the world as divine punishment.

index/rastafarianism.htm SOURCE
http://www.religionfacts.com/a-z-religion-index/rastafarianism.htm I chose this topic because I didn't know that it was considered a religion and I was curious about it. I trust this source because it is
a website that provides religion
facts and it seems legitimate. What are major beliefs of Rastafari? Rastafarians are the chosen people of God and are on earth to promote his power and peacefulness.
Speech is very important to Rastafarians, as it enables the presence and power of God to be felt.
Human nature should be preserved and protected
Salvation is an earthly idea rather than a heavenly one
God is found within every man
Haile Selassie I is the Living God Early beliefs of Rastafari The Black person is the reincarnation of ancient Israel,
who, at the hand of the White person, has been in exile in Jamaica
The White person is inferior to the Black person
Jamaica is hell; Ethiopia is heaven
In the near future Blacks shall rule the world
beliefs/beliefs_1.shtml I trust this source because it's
from BBC and it's about religions. Have Rastafaris faced any discrimination? EEOC and UPS Freight have settled a religious discrimination suit for $46,000.
EEOC claimed that the company refused to accommodate the Rastafarian religious beliefs of a new hire, and instead fired him.
The company told the employee he would need to cut his hair and shave his beard to comply with the company’s grooming policy, but the employee said that his religious beliefs prohibit him from cutting his hair or shaving his beard.

Rastafarians say they're blamed for crime in Jamaica and looked down upon for their use of marijuana, which followers believe brings them closer to God. The discrimination tends to focus on the prejudice that Rastafarians are drug addicts and unfit for work.
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