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Yorick The Virtual Teaching tool.

Yorick analysis

Denis Mc Grath

on 10 August 2013

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Transcript of Yorick The Virtual Teaching tool.

RMAP Assessment
Component 1...
1. A reflective presentation based on around 1500 words or equivalent: presenting either:(i) a developed grant proposal; or(ii) a peer reviewed research paper that has been accepted for publication in the last year; or(iii) an outline pedagogical research proposal
This is....
Yorick was developed as a digital
anatomical teaching tool which sought to fuse Virtual, Physical and Online envionments
Yorick was designed to therefore - to seamlessly fuse 21st century
VR environments,
Online educational resources
Learning interaction
Motion tracking
Traditional physical anatomical props
as learning objects, in one unit.
Pedagogically, Yorick developed to allow students to engage in learning using preferred balance of,
* Visual

(VAK) learning styles in their
exploration of anatomical models to,
* Increase understanding
* Allow for data retention
*Reduce cognitive load.
The Teaching and Learning Tool
Yorick was also built to encourage development of
self directed & autodidactic
learning, particularly by people with
little knowledge
of the subject matter.
"Pick it up and use it!"
Yorick was developed from an idea, that
physical teaching - using models -
was taught separately from digital learning.
...What if we could amalgamate them....?
Yorick sought to address
a number of teaching &
learning problems
learning modalities separately taught:
Some overlap , though few systems "integrate"
V, A
styles together.
Separation of
into different learning activities increases cognitive load on novice students particularly in new subjects
To build a product or system that allowed
learning modalities to operate simultaneously in a Learning Environment..
Physiology & anatomy -
Complex subjects -
Need specialist tutors -
Limited to structured & didactic learning.
Solution 2:
Create an automated "intelligent" system, that would enable
Self directed learning
, and
guided feedback
structured around
student's own inquiry
The concept of Yorick as a research proposition came from an unsuccessful Futurelabs bid in Feb 2007.
Auditory Preference
Visual Preference
Building Yorick....
To build Yorick - I created an inhouse team comprised of
VR Consultant: from School of Virtual Environments
Lead Application Developer: School of Computing, Science and Engineering
Commercial & Technology Transfer: Enterprise
6 months build time....
We had successfully developed the proof of concept....
Yorick was refined & later received (£6000) from University of Salford Enterprise Ltd (USE) in 2008 to build a "Proof of Concept" model
The proof of concept worked...
We had linked online virtual and
physical resources together
The success gave us bigger plans.
I started to look for larger funding opportunities.
I wanted to build a commercial teaching and learning / simulation product that could be scaled for use in many industries. Not just Medical
So, in February 2010 I wrote a speculative bid to go forward to JISC (Learning and Teaching Innovation Grants)
When we demonstrated Yorick to external colleagues, we gained support from the NHS Institute for Innovation & Improvement, and the Centre for Clinical and Academic Workforce Innovation.
Internally I have received support from the academic community from different Colleges

My research proposal was shortlisted from 200 other Salford bids to go forward as the sole institutional bid for JISC Teaching and Learning Grant.

The bid wasn't successful. Cost saving and subsequent restructuring in Salford meant that my role was less research active.

Alas - Yorick has sat on the shelf since 2008.
Thanks for watching...
A presentation by Denis Mc Grath
Twitter : @technogogical

Each learner has a different Learning Style
Web Based Application
& Learning Resources
Full Tracking system in
real time
Incorporation of secondary objects DICOM slice data (shoulder) into system via 3d printer
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