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yaya zhao

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of ELECTRICITY

Changing Circuits What Makes Circuits Work Conductors and Insulators
Circuit Diagrams and Labels Circuits Power Sources Cells Circuits work properly because
they are complete, if they are not
complete they will not work because the
electricity can not go around properly.
The wire must go around the power
source and back again in a full loop. Complete Incomplete Power sources can be cells(batteries) or mains, mains have electricity that is much more powerful than cells(batteries) and they can be very dangerous. When you are using more then
one cells in a circuit they need to
be connected so they need to be
facing the same direction in the
circuit. The positive end of one cell
should connect with the negative end
of the next cell. INSULATORS CONDUTORS PLASTIC COATING Other materials don't allow electricity to flow through them. These materials are called insulators. There are tons of different Insulators, such as plastic, rubber, and glass. the plastic does'nt let eletricity through and the bulb won't light up. Materials that allow electricty to go through them are called conductors. Pieces of metal in a circurt let electricty to flow through it will make the bulb light up. Steel, copper, iron, gold, and silve are very good conductors. Graphite also conduct electricty, it is a type of carbon, pencil lead is made from this. Most conductors are made from metals. Most wires have plastic coating outside of the copper. The conductor is the copper that carries electricity. The insulator is the plastic that stops electricity from travelling in to other things that touch the wire Components Circuit Diagrams When you want to draw a circuit,
you can use different symbols to
recognize the different components.
Every Component gets it's own symbol.
The different symbols have to be the
same for every one so people can read each
other's diagrams.
When using Circuit symbols, you can draw Circuit Diagrams to represent any type of circuit. Circuit Diagrams are always
used for drawing Circuit Diagrams in a way that anyone can understand it. GLASS RUBBER PLASTIC A circuit that has only a cell and a bulb is very simple and not very useful because if you want to turn the light bulb off and on you would have to go and separate one of the wires. Switches help you switch the circuit on and off easily. There are lots of things that use electricity that use switches. The buttons on things like Phones, Radio, and computers are all switches. 'Make' or 'Break' Types of Switches Switches allow you to 'make' or 'Break a circuit.
When the switch is in the ON position the circuit is complete. When the circuit is broken the switch is on the OFF position, There are all kinds of switches, different sizes and shapes, and diiferent types of switch. The two most common types are the push switch and the toggle switch. Other types include Selector switch, Joystick switch, Speed switch, Pressure switch, the Temperature switch... . Adding Bulbs Adding Cells Adding Wires If you add more bulbs to a circuit and not add more cells the bulbs will get dimmer, because the bulbs need to share the eletricity that the cells gives them. The bulbs will glow brighter if you add more cells to in a line because there are more electricity power, but if you add tow many cells there will be too much power and the bulbs will burn out You can change a circuit by changing the length of a connecting wire. The bulbs get dimmer if you have a longer wire and the bulbs get brighter if you have a shoter wire. THE END BY: YAYA. Z & SARA. B RESOUCE: The Blobz Guide To Electric Circuit, and google. ca
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