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EUROPA-PARK - more than a theme park...

No description

Caroline Strotzer

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of EUROPA-PARK - more than a theme park...

EUROPA-PARK - more than a theme park...
Welcome to
Who am I?
internship from February until October 2013
Marketing / Cooperation
support the team with organization, implementation & evaluation of promotions & events
correspondence with over 100 partners
VIP-tours at EUROPA-PARK in German & English
Structure of my presentation
1. All information on the research project

2. Comparing the old & new Dutch brochure

3. SWOT-Matrix

4. New marketing-communication strategy

5. Conclusion & Recommendations
1. All information on the research project
Problem Statement
Background of the research project
Aim of the research
Problem Statement
"How can EUROPA-PARK be communicated best in the Netherlands?"
Problem Statement
"What is the right communication strategy for EUROPA-PARK?"
Review to 2012
overnight stays booked via tour operators
Review to 2012
Review to 2012
sold tickets in the summer season
172 x 1 day
515 x 2 days
6 x 3 day
Review to 2012
Rust: 8.889 overnight stays
Camping: 5.481 overnight stays
Public transport: 500 visitors
2009: brand awareness level = < 5 %
2012: brand awareness level = 26 %
1. Aim of research project
insight in strengths & weaknesses
insight in opportunities & threats
2. Aim of research project
brand awareness in 2012: 26 %
brand awareness in 2014: 40 %
3. Aim of research project
2012: approx. 106.000 visitors
2014: increase by 15% = 121.900 visitors
Survey on Dutch brochure
Total participants: 572
Reliability: 95 %
3. SWOT-matrix
4. New marketing-communication strategy
ST2: offering new service as transport arrangements to
Combination with strategy: ST3 & WT1
ST3: At EUROPA-PARK you get more for less.
4. New strategy
market development

reliable quality at an attractive price

possibility of short trip in the nearby region

catchy message: At EP you get more for less.

characteristics of the Dutch: thriftiness and saving up money
4. New strategy - Promotion
game with raffled prizes
online promotion banners on websites
social media
advertising in magazines
5. Conclusion & Recommendations
all media in Dutch
increasing market - communication of new attractions & authenticity
difficulties to set up the survey online
combine surveys with a prize raffle
save costs of printing flyers for survey in the future -> more reaction to e-mail
too much information available
Thank you for your attention!
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