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Monohybrid cross and incomplete dominance

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Monohybrid cross and incomplete dominance

Monohybrid cross and incomplete dominance
Monohybrid cross
A monohybrid cross is the study of the inheritance of one characteristic.

You need to be able to explain a monohybrid cross in terms of genotypes. This can be done by writing down:

the phenotype and genotype of the parents
the gametes which each can produce
the ways in which the gametes can combine
To understand:

1. Monhybrid cross
2. Incomplete dominance

and their manifestations

To continue work on our debate topics
In reality...
The actual numbers of offspring produced of each type is unlikely to be exactly the same as expected or predicted. The reasons for this difference are:

fertilisation is a random process
the sample was not big enough
An example of the way to write a monohybrid cross is shown below:

Parents Unattached ear lobes (EE) x Attached ear lobes (ee)
Gametes E e
F1 All Unattached ear lobes (Ee)
F2 Phenotypic Ratio – 3 : 1 unattached : attached
DO you think that:

1. Being funny
2. Being Caring

Can be inherited
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