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Attractions, Education, Culture, Food, History of the 4 most popular cities in Italy.

on 1 August 2016

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Transcript of Italy


Roman culture stems from its artistic grandeur, historical legacies and Roman feasting. “When in Rome” one will find that they are surrounded by the masterpieces of the great artists including Michaelangelo, Raphael and Bernini. The centre of Christianity, it is Rome’s breathtaking churches and basilicas that make it unique (Rome 2014).

Spaghetti Carbonara
The colosseum is located in the centre of Rome. Construction began in 70AD and took approximately 10 years to complete. It was used in ancient times for games and sporting events but now is a major tourist attraction with 3.9 million visitors each year. (Colosseum, 2014)
Modern day Milan is considered to be Italy’s creative city. It is home to some of fashion’s biggest names, including Gucci, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Versace. Compared to other historical cities, Milan is rather industrialised, being both the fashion and financial capital of Italy (Culture of Milan, Italy 2014) (Milan 2014).
Milans most famous attraction The Gothic Duomo Cathedral is the largest cathedral in Italy taking nearly 6 centuries to complete. It is the most decorated cathedral in the world with 3159 statues and spires, which can be viewed by tourists from a walk along the rooftop of the cathedral. (Hayes, 2010)

Venice is located in the north-eastern part of Italy which was founded in 421 AD. It’s near the marshy Venetian lagoon that stretches along the shorelines between the mouths of the Po and Piave rivers. Venice is renowned for the beauty of its setting, its architecture and its artworks. (Wikitravel, 2014)

Art, history, old trades and the sea combine to give Venice the romantic culture that it has today. Venice replaces roads with canals and cars with gondolas. The oldest and most famous cultural event is the Historic Regatta, which takes place every year in the Venetian Lagoon (Venice 2014).

Venice is a beautiful city with visitors enjoying a stroll sightseeing the historical buildings and statues. The canals of Venice are one of the most popular attractions, along with The Piazza San Marco square, Basilica church, and famous cafes. Venice is known as the city of love. (Bakerjian)
In 2011, Milan's higher education system had 7 universities, 48 facilities and 142 departments, and 185,000 university students. The oldest university in Milan is the Politecnico di Milano, which was founded in 1863. Founded in 1923 was the University of Milan, which is now the largest public teaching and research university in the city.
Milan is the second most populated city in Italy currently having a population of 1.3 million. Milan is financially the most important city in Italy. While some parts have been considered not beautiful as some other Italian cities it’s due to being destroyed by Second World War bomb raids. (Wikitravel, 2014)

Venice is well known for being a major international centre for higher education. The Ca' Forscari University of Venice was founded in 1868 followed by luav University of Venice in 1926 and Venice International University, Research Centre which was founded in 1995.
Florence is the capital city of Tuscany and of the province of Florence. The population of Florence is 366,500 and the city is to be considered a cultural artistic and architectural gem. In 1996 Florence had experienced a major flood that killed at least 40 and damaged millions of art treasures. (Wikitravel, 2014)

The amazing Uffisi Gallery is located in Florence, and a much loved attraction especially for art lovers.
The gallery has famous artworks from Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, and other famous artists. (Renzulli)
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* cross checked the information with other websites

* checked for spelling and grammatical errors

* checked to see if the information is whole and complete

* noted the objectivity of the website

* cross checked with websites from Italian origin

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The original recipe is prepared with raw eggs, cheese parmesan, cheese, pancetta, black pepper, oil or butter.
The origins of this plate are obscure, although the most popular is that came from old Rome. (Wright, C A, 2014)
Consists of frying onion and rice in the butter. There are arrays of flavours that can be created.
The original recipe appeared in a wedding (1574), where an apprentice wanted to play a trick on his Head Chef. The young apprentice then bribed a chef to include safflower (saffron) in the rice creating the first risotto dish.
(Volpi, A M, 2011)

Cheese with an intense and strong flavour, famous in the world by its smell and taste. (Volpi, A M, 2011)
Plate created in the city of Venice. History says that the request of a customer was made who could only eat raw meat in accordance with his doctor (1950). The name was inspired from a local painter by the name of Vittore Carpaccio, who used very similar colours of the raw meat in his paintings. (
Volpi, A M, 2011
Is practically made alone with milk and contains a small amount of cream. Sometimes this is made with egg yolks. Gelato does not possess any added air, being denser and melting slower than ice cream.
The origin came from a family called Medici who sponsored a contest searching for the greatest frozen dessert (late 1500s). (Gelato, 2014)
Tourists flock to Florence, the “cradle of the renaissance” for its museums, buildings and churches. There are cultural events throughout the year incorporating wine, cured meats, horse racing, dancing and music. June sees a small town in the Florence Province become home to the International Terra-cotta festival (Florence 2014).
To Start, please press
again (
Funiculi Funicula song, 2013)
Video Reference

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The University of Florence was established in 1321 by the Florentine Republic. There are 12 different faculties in the university. They are agriculture, architecture, arts, economics, education, engineering, law, mathematics, physics and natural science, medicine, political science, and psychology. They offer an academic structure that is based on workshops, lectures, and seminars that offers students the best learning.
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Rome being the capital and largest city of Italy is also known as the Eternal city. The history of Rome spans over 2,800 years growing from a small village to a huge empire. According to Rome’s legends Rome was founded by two mythical twins Romulus and Remus in 753 BC. (Wikitravel,2014)
The main focus for education in Rome was for the young males to learn how to contribute and lead their community and families. The aim for females in education was to learn how to be proper wives and look after their families. Today school is compulsory for all males and females from ages six to 14 in Italy. Education is now considered a very serious matter for all males and females.
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Italy is unique, as are its cities. All shaped by their own history, Rome, Venice, Milan and
Florence vary in their traditions and way of life.
For this reason the country of
Italy is, and will continue to be, one of the major tourism destinations of the world.
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