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Pro Gun Control

Synthesis project

Sara Santos

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Pro Gun Control

GUN CONTROL Does it really even help? The Law… The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution says that "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."
Gun owners often cite the Second Amendment when arguing against state or local gun law restrictions.
Federal law restricts who can own, possess, or sell a gun. The National Firearms Act makes it unlawful for a person to have a firearm that is not specifically registered to them.
Under the Brady Act, you cannot have a gun for personal or business if you:
1. Were convicted of a crime punishable by being in prison for more than one year;
2. Are a fugitive from justice;
3. Are addicted to, or illegally use, any controlled substance;
4. Have been ruled mentally defective by a court, or are committed to a mental institution;
5. Are an illegal alien living in the United States unlawfully;
6. Received a dishonorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces;
7. Renounced your U.S. citizenship, if you are a U.S. citizen;
8. Are subject to a court restraining order that involves your 'intimate partner,' your partner's child, or children; or
9. Were convicted of domestic violence in any court of a misdemeanor. Unlicensed sellers are permitted by law to sell firearms with no background check whatsoever “the no check loophole” You can buy them...
Through the internet
Newspaper adds
FLea markets
Or any type of sell from and unlicensed seller
*With no background check required* It's that easy... Things to think about... Seung-Hui Cho
(Person to Blame for Virginia Tech massacre)
If he would have gone through loophole-free background check he would have been denied a gun because of his history of mental illness. Jared Lee Loughner
(Person to blame for shooting in Tucson)
He went through a background check…
Clearly not detailed enough because they seemed to have “missed” his drug use disqualified him of military service If Loughner would have gone through a thorough background check...
He wouldn’t have had access to high-capacity clips, Loughner would have stopped to reload after 15 rounds instead of 31--meaning that he would have been tackled and restrained 16 rounds sooner.
"Pro-gun people always argue that laws like these wouldn't have saved any lives," says McCarthy. "But of course they would have. Fewer bullets in Loughner's gun means that fewer shots would've been fired--which means that fewer people would have died."
But Guns do save lives. Incident in New Life Church in Colorado Springs, 2007
A gunman entered intending to perpetrate one of the greatest massacres in U.S history. He was armed with 1,000 rounds of ammunition. Unfortunately for him, he was only able to kill two people.
Why? He was met by a woman with a gun. She was a concealed carry permit holder, and she used her firearm to fatally wound the gunman, thus saving hundreds of lives at this church So what am I saying? I’m not saying get rid of guns completely.
I’m just saying impose stricter laws
I’m not saying stricter laws will get rid of gun crime.
I’m saying it’ll reduce it
Yes I know, people will still obtain guns illegally..
But stricter laws will at least save some lives.
Will crime go up if there are stricter gun laws?
I don’t really know. I couldn’t find updated information. *Reason being that a lot of politicians including Mr. Obama himself keep brushing off the subject. All in all… Stricter gun control laws will help reduce gun violence to some degree. Citations
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