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Problems and Solutions of School Violence

Research&Education project

Kaeun Kim

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Problems and Solutions of School Violence

Risk Factors A Case Study Statement Problems Korea Counter Plans Four conditions of the ideal system School Violence Short-term Aiding with perpetrators’ emotion
Revised more detailed Perpetrator(impulsive)
Victim(solitary) Kelly,Catherine,Esther,Caitlyn,Serah,Julia Problems and Solutions of School Violence It occurs almost everywhere. We should find risk factors. Types Physical assault Group isolation Curses and threats Mugging cases Cyber-bulling Sexual harassment Sexual violence Individual Home Environment Customs of nature
Scarcity of love
Oppressive education Associates Antisocial culture Communal Individual Develop better sociability
Learn to forgive
New legal system
Parent education Cooperate Make better laws based on analysis
More interests Effective system
Strengthen student supervision <Do you know the number to call the school violence report center?> <If you were the victim, who would you call for help?> <Who do you think could solve the problem?> <What do the students think about school violence?> Survey Results Handling of a cases related to school violence
Overcoming the violence in the drama Both the victims and perpetrators should be protected for brighter future. The Article from Korea Herald 50% of students:the victims of school violence
cooperating and changing the educational and social atmosphere Examples of Abroad Columbia high school massacre(1994.4.20)
Dylan Klebold / Eric Harris
:13 killed / 25 injured / suicide
Sasebo Slashing(2004)
Nevada-tan:Killed classmate Abroad Strengths Weaknesses Not putting into action
Infringing students’ rights
Not appropriate Strengths Weaknesses Contacting students directly
Systemized program Invading students’ privacy Diseases due to the stress
Isolation or solitude Older generation-->younger generation
Psychological and/or physical scars
Harm to society Long-term BOMB
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