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Learning Journey

Tazzi Sanos

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Heat

H - E - A - T Insecure
Secretive Vulnerable Main Problem Michael's and Carlos's dad "Papi" has died, and nobody else knows except for Mrs. Cora and Michael's best friend, Manny. Carlos is almost 18,
but since he is not yet, Michael and him are living illegally. Michael is on the Little League team, and Carlos works multiple jobs to be able to support them both. If an official person discovers in any way that their dad is dead, the brothers will be separated. Meanwhile, Michael has his own problems on the baseball team. Since he is so good, other team's coaches don't like him. They find out that he didn't submit a birth certificate, just a baptism record. Ever since an accident of lying of age, the coaches use this excuse to forbid Michael to play baseball.
Carlos can't pay off
overdue bills. Michael happens to anger
Justin, an obnoxious kid,
who's team loses to
Michael's team.
Justin's dad, the
coach, forms the
letter of
that Michael might
not be the age he is. Michael feels like baseball, his friend during all times,
has abandoned him. He feels incredibly alone. Manny encourages Michael
by coming up with ideas to
prevent Mr. Gibbs, the official
person, from discovering the
truth. He also consoles Michael
with Ellie, a girl that Michael was
interested in, but... she hid an
important secret from him. The plan of
Manny's was
executed and

Michael feels
so much better,
that he doesn't
feel as lonely
as he was
before. Michael regrets the way he acted towards Ellie, for he lost his temper
when speaking with her,He then tries to reconile with her through the secret that she kept fromhim, and from conversations they had. O U T C O M E Learning statement Character traits at the beginning of the novel: El Grande is also from Havana, Cuba, and
he gets the birth
certificate from his
friends there. This was very
good for Michael's
team, for they were currently in
a tie against Justin's team.
Since Michael was back in, the
team won! As an result,
the team got to play in the
Yankee Stadium! Mr. Gibbs also
gave tempory
custody to
himself, until
Carlos turned
18. In order for
this to happen
though, it came
with a beneficial
Michael became
friends again with
Ellie. "And just for one
moment, Michael
closed his eyes,
like he was taking
a picture of it all.
This wasn't his
whole dream.
But he had to
It would sure do
for now." Michael learned to accept other people's help,
and that it's okay to rely on someone when
times are difficult. Don't keep everything a secret, and be optimistic. There are people rooting, cheering, and supporting. Character traits at the end of the noveL: confident

Thankful / Grateful Proud Changed Into Winter Summer
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