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Ohio Natives: Shawnee Indians

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Celie Gandarilla

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Ohio Natives: Shawnee Indians

For the indians when an area or place they lived in was called Chillicothe, it mean that one of their highly look upon chiefs lived there.
The Shawnee inhabited the Ohio Valley area in as early as the 1600's
The were soon pushed out by other tribes like the Iroquois for the rich land
The tribe later returned to Ohio from the East and the South to the Scioto River Valley
Were known for being very fierce warriors. However, only fought when it was necessary, to protect their family.
As the U.S pushed the Shawnee out around 1831, they separated into differnet groups.
The principal leader could only come from one clan which was a clan called the Chillicothe.
Early History
Shawnee Life
Women were the farmers and planted things like corn, bean and squash
Women also made clothes and prepared and skinned any animal for meat and fur
Women would also spend most of the day creating art that included bead work pottery and painting

Men hunted things like fish, buffalo and turkey
Men were also responsible for going to war, if it was the last option

Shawnee tribe believe that the area they lived on was made especially for them and the are where white men came from was made for them to live on.
As other indians they believed that everything had a spirit, even plants
They only took what they needed from the land and would not waste anything, including animal bones
Shawnee Homes
Like many other indian tribes the Shawnee used Teepees when hunting , which were made up of mats or bark and sticks or poles that supported the teepee

Because hunting required a lot of traveling teepees were very easy to roll up and travel

Wigwams were a slightly more permanent home where even two families could live at a time, these were made of the same "mats" or bark but were longer and more oval shaped
By Arcelia Gandarilla
Ohio Natives: Shawnee Indians
The Shawnee were know for how they fought against the foreigners taking over their land

Ca-ta-he-cassa, was one of Shawnees' famous leaders who fought for over 40 to keep the land

Tecumseh, a Shawnee leader famous for uniting tribes to stand their ground and fight for their land

Fighting for Their Land
In the many attempts to save their land they failed

Indians did not want to give up their culture therefore due to advance in european technology, indians lost many battles

Many indians were sent to reservations and forced to learn white customs and traditions

There are three tribe that formed from the early Shawnee
Absentee-Shawnee Tribe
Shawnee Tribe
Eastern Shawnee Tribe
Shawnee today speak mainly English as their language is becoming extinct, although some of the older members of todays tribe may know it the children are not learning it
The End
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